April 2018 Retreat

Saturday, April 7 to Friday, April 20, 2018
Ren Xue of the Americas Healing Retreat
Wonder Valley Ranch near Fresno, California
(Please note that this will be the only retreat in the US in 2018)

Arrival: Saturday, April 7 in the afternoon. Retreat begins with dinner at 6:00pm
Departure: Friday, April 20 after lunch.

It is with great joy that Ren Xue of the Americas invites you to our April 2018 retreat at Wonder Valley Ranch in California. This springtime retreat will be held in a wonderful natural environment, and will provide a unique opportunity for you to bring true healing and transformation to your life.

NEW! Main Focus - Working on Patterns & Ling Yuan

Unhealthy patterns, operating from a deep level, restrict all aspects of life including our thoughts and everything we see and do. Real change to life is not possible without transforming these unhealthy patterns.

At this retreat, LING YUAN – the method dedicated to this task – will be introduced. Through learning about the ‘Ten Fundamental Patterns’ and practicing this method, you will get to know your patterns better. You will see where they come from and how they play out in your life. Most importantly, through the practice of LING YUAN, you can start transforming them. True freedom and wellbeing can only be experienced when these life-limiting obstacles are removed.

 NEW! Special Focus on Ren Yuan & Xia Yuan

You will learn and practice all of the first four Yuan Qigong methods, but the focus will be on the 3rd Method (Ren Yuan) and the 4th Method (Xia Yuan). Intensive and detailed work on these methods will bring your practice and their effects to a deeper level.

NEW! Yuan Tze’s Assistance & Healing

Yuan Tze will adopt a new way of working with participants. His role at this retreat will be to facilitate the deepening of your work on patterns and Qi. Yuan Tze will be actively involved in this work, directly assisting participants in the process of identifying and changing fundamental patterns. He will also provide guidance to help deepen the practice of Ren Yuan and Xia Yuan. Healing in various forms will also be conducted by Yuan Tze on a daily basis.

Please note, especially if you’re new to this work:

Wellbeing Begins With You is highly recommended reading for those who are new to Ren Xue. This book is a great source for the basic Ren Xue teachings and reading this book is excellent preparation for the retreat.

Ren Xue of the Americas Healing Retreat
Held by Yuan Tze, the Creator of Yuan Gong

Yuan Gong is a new Qigong system created by Yuan Tze in 2013. While Yuan Gong has its roots in profound ancient teachings, it was specifically created for the special times we are living in now. We believe it is a major breakthrough in Qigong development and has the potential to greatly support humanity at this critical time in human history.

The main intention of creating Yuan Gong was to introduce a Qigong system that is easy to learn, enjoyable to practice, time-efficient and extremely effective. A strong community of diverse people from around the world, including over 200 qualified Yuan Gong teachers, have been practicing Yuan Gong regularly. The vast majority of practitioners can whole-heartedly vouch for the practice, as the quality of their lives has been enhanced through both the practice and community support.

This upcoming retreat is an opportunity for you to experience Yuan Gong on a deep level, whether you are a total beginner or have been practicing it for a while. You will learn the first four methods (of the nine Yuan Gong methods) along with four supplementary exercises, and engage in sufficient practice to reap the many benefits. We are confident that you will directly experience how the practice of Yuan Gong can greatly improve your physical health and mental wellbeing.

The practice of Yuan Gong will synergistically enhance the deeper Ren Xue work, especially on the level of the consciousness. This will enable participants to make faster progress on all levels of life. Yuan Gong also serves to infuse joy and happiness into the important work of life cultivation.

We hope you can join us at this unique retreat to learn, practice and reap the benefits of Yuan Gong and Ren Xue in a community of sincere and loving people.

We Sincerely Welcome Everyone Who:

  • is enthusiastic about living a more joyful life and is looking for a more effective path for improving health;
  • wants to gain more clarity in life and to resolve challenges on the behavioral, emotional, interpersonal and mental levels;
  • is committed to elevating his or her life above what’s considered culturally normal;
  • has made little progress on alleviating suffering after working on the consciousness for many years;
  • truly wishes to reach a higher level of realization and wisdom, gain the ability to help other people deal with their problems effectively, and contribute to the progress of society.


Retreat Elements:

  1. Healing
    While the whole retreat is dedicated to healing, there will be a daily session specifically for healing. Healing in Ren Xue means bringing powerful change to the totality of life: on the physical, Qi, and consciousness levels of life. We focus on transforming at the level of the root causes of illness.
  2. The Qifield
    The Qifield will be very strong, containing lots of special information for healing and the development of life. Therefore, strong healing and growth can be expected. The Five Xin qualities (trust, openness, love, gratitude and Gongjing) will be a strong presence in the Qifield, making it very nourishing so people should feel nurtured and comfortable.
  3. Practice for People with Different Levels of Experience
    There will be different levels of practice available, so people ranging from complete beginners to senior practitioners will all be accommodated. Students won’t feel pressured to practice or to meet a certain level of practice. Everyone will be able to practice according to what works best for their body. If you are new to Yuan Gong practice, we advise that you practice according to your personal condition, and use an incremental approach. Yuan Tze will encourage you to do your best at your Yuan Gong practice. However, you can assess what the right amount is at any given moment and adjust your practice accordingly. You will be advised on how to do that when you learn the methods. You are also welcome to check with qualified teachers at the retreat.
  4. Yuan Tze’s Talks
    Listening to Yuan Tze speak is a unique experience of heart-to-heart exchange. Yuan Tze’s talks go far beyond verbal communication; they carry powerful information that is infused with immense wisdom, love, and compassion. Such information can touch life directly on a deep level and effect profound changes.
  5. Support From Qualified Teachers
    Support from a Ren Xue and Yuan Gong perspective will be provided by a team of qualified teachers. These people are committed to supporting the smooth unfolding of your process and progress. Please note that no advice will be given on managing your health using other treatment modalities, including managing any medications. We don’t interfere with your decisions in these areas.

Each evening there will be counseling time so students can talk to senior teachers if they have issues to deal with. Teachers will be offering extensive practice support as well. In addition, there will be group times for retreatants to share their thoughts and experiences with each other.

Message about attendance

To receive the full benefit of a Ren Xue retreat, Yuan Tze strongly recommends that everyone attend the full two weeks. Benefit from the retreat is cumulative. If one attends the entire time, the benefit is far greater than attending for only part of the retreat.

Partial attendance will be considered on a case by case basis only, when it is impossible to stay for the whole time. New students are required to attend from the first day of the retreat.


Personal Stories

"By changing my patterns I have become calmer and more relaxed, joyful, and more efficient. As I use Ren Xue to work on my life in a comprehensive way, my qigong practice becomes more effective."
— A.N. Sweden

More Personal Experiences