Yuan Tze's next in-person retreat

April 13-21, 2024 in California

Registration is open

The Power is In You

Mexico Retreat with Norberto
January 26 - February 1, 2024
Registration is open

Wellbeing begins with you

This fully revised second edition presents the teachings of Yuan Tze on healing

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Yuan Tze's next in-person retreat

April 13-21, 2024 in California

Registration is open

The Power is In You

Mexico Retreat
with Norberto Rodrigues
January 26 - February 1


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Yuan Qigong balances the body from head to toe, improves the Qi condition, opens the heart and transforms negative thought and behavior patterns. Experience this truth for yourself by signing up for one of our online courses.

We currently offer eight of the nine Yuan Qigong methods through At Home Learning. The easiest way to start is the Beginner Set, but you can also start with the Heart & Mind Set. All courses are 20% with the code renxue20.

Yuan Tze's Upcoming Events

Learn directly from Yuan Tze, the founder of Yuan Qigong and REN XUE:

  • Retreat in the California: (in-person and online) April 13-21, 2024 at Wonder Valley CA, USA

REN XUE América Latina: Online Courses in Spanish

If you are interested in Spanish courses, you will find the Beginner Set as well as the first two methods (Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) on the website of REN XUE América Latina.

For more information and to register please visit this website.



REN XUE of the Americas' Qiblog

The Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong

The Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong

The Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue is a fundamental base for understanding the laws of the universe and realizing our true potential as human beings.
Wisdom cultures, as well as the past 100 years of quantum science’s search for a unified field theory, point to the presence of a fundamental ‘field of information and energy’ from which all things in the Universe arise and fall.

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How Qigong Works

How Qigong Works

Qigong is based on traditional Chinese medicine and the theoretical focus of both is Qi. This is a very different paradigm from that of Western thinking and the explanation of how Qigong works requires some background.

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Qigong to Strengthen the Lungs

Qigong to Strengthen the Lungs

In both Western and Chinese Traditional Medicine, the lungs hold a very important place in our wellbeing. Qigong to strengthen the lungs is a great tool to improve your health and wellbeing.

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TIAN YUAN | Gathering Qi

Begin the journey towards a better life by enhancing the quality, quantity and flow of Qi. Build an internal awareness that fosters a feeling of connection with all things – nature, life, and the universe.


QIGONG | Beginner Set

This is an exclusive Qigong beginners set of Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi. Support your health and longevity by learning powerful Qigong movements, deep breathing exercises, meditation and healing techniques.



This is an exclusive REN XUE course Set including both Series, Be the Master of Your State, Series 1 & 2. Follow the teachings of Yuan Tze and learn the foundations to experience true peace and inner harmony.


Healing Practice

Yuan Qigong

Yuan Qigong is calm, relaxed grace in movement and in stillness. It is thought ebbing and flowing, at ease. It is uplifting breath. It is a path to realization and wisdom. The nine Yuan Qigong methods  are designed to bring the body, mind and heart into alignment and to help release long held patterns that may block health and growth.

Qigong practice

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Every Thursday, Ren Xue teachers and practitioners from all over the world share their thoughts on topics ranging from The Joy of Qigong to Coping with Chronic Pain.


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bird Find free resources plus books, CDs and DVDs for sale. Follow step-by-step instructions in our series of At Home Learning courses. Yuan Gong Online Learning is a complete program.


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