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This fully revised second edition presents the teachings of Yuan Tze on healing

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Welcome to REN XUE of the Americas

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Yuan Qigong balances the body from head to toe, improves the Qi condition, opens the heart and transforms negative thought and behavior patterns. Experience this truth for yourself by signing up for one of our online courses.

We currently offer eight of the nine Yuan Qigong methods through At Home Learning. The easiest way to start is the Beginner Set, but you can also start with the Heart & Mind Set.

Yuan Tze's Upcoming Events

Learn directly from Yuan Tze, the founder of Yuan Qigong and REN XUE:

  • Online-Workshop: September 1 & 2, 2023
  • Online-Retreat: November 3-11, 2023
  • Retreat (online and in-person) April 13-21, 2024 in Wonder Valley, CA

REN XUE América Latina: Online Courses in Spanish

If you are interested in Spanish courses, you will find the Beginner Set as well as the first two methods (Tian Yuan and Di Yuan) on the website of REN XUE América Latina.

For more information and to register please visit this website.



REN XUE of the Americas' Qiblog

Heart Based Teaching in Children’s Education

Heart Based Teaching in Children’s Education

My heart sang with happiness. It was working. My youngest was thriving. Some might say it was the innovative school pilot project making the difference. And yes, there are several factors making that true. But, at the heart of it all, I would say it’s the natural human qualities that profoundly touch us all that are making the real difference. See why heart-based teaching in children’s education is so important.

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How to live a good life

How to live a good life

The true interests shared by all people are to be healthy, happy, have a genuine sense of well-being, grow, and contribute in a meaningful way to others. This is called the ‘Five Treasures of Life’ in Ren Xue, and it is what we aspire to cultivate as Ren Xue students and practitioners.

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What is Trust

What is Trust

I once thought that trust was about trusting in a person, thing, or outcome. It was about having a desired sense of control over an outcome. This is not the kind of trust I refer to now. I’m referring to a trust that is more foundational to life. It is not at all dependent on an external set of circumstances. Learn how to cultivate trust from deep inside your heart.

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Check out our Qigong courses

TIAN YUAN | Gathering Qi

Begin the journey towards a better life by enhancing the quality, quantity and flow of Qi. Build an internal awareness that fosters a feeling of connection with all things – nature, life, and the universe.


QIGONG | Beginner Set

This is an exclusive Qigong beginners set of Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi. Support your health and longevity by learning powerful Qigong movements, deep breathing exercises, meditation and healing techniques.



This is an exclusive REN XUE course Set including both Series, Be the Master of Your State, Series 1 & 2. Follow the teachings of Yuan Tze and learn the foundations to experience true peace and inner harmony.


Healing Practice

Yuan Qigong

Yuan Qigong is calm, relaxed grace in movement and in stillness. It is thought ebbing and flowing, at ease. It is uplifting breath. It is a path to realization and wisdom. The nine Yuan Qigong methods  are designed to bring the body, mind and heart into alignment and to help release long held patterns that may block health and growth.


Qi Blog

Every Thursday, Ren Xue teachers and practitioners from all over the world share their thoughts on topics ranging from The Joy of Qigong to Coping with Chronic Pain.


Learning Center

Find free resources plus books, CDs and DVDs for sale. Follow step-by-step instructions in our series of At-Home Learning courses. Yuan Gong Online Learning is a complete program.


Personal Stories

People come to Ren Xue for all sorts of different reasons. While many find exactly what they were looking for, more find what they weren’t looking for, but probably should have been!


Yuan Qigong Practices

In late 2014, Yuan Tze instituted a monthly Full Moon Yuan Gong Practice with the intention of strengthening and unifying our global REN XUE community. Each full moon, Yuan Tze chooses a theme that serves as the focal point for that month's purpose-built qifield. Yuan Gong practitioners around the globe synchronize their practice and their intention. Common themes have included REN XUE's five essential qualities of life: