Getting Started with Ren Xue

Each person comes to Ren Xue with unique life circumstances and a preferred mode of learning. To get started, we propose At-Home Learning, reading about Ren Xue, working with a teacher, or other ways:

1. At-Home Learning

Yuan Gong At-Home Learning is a complete course to get you started on your Yuan Gong practice or to deepen an existing practice.

Seven At-Home Learning Guides contain pdfs and audio and video files to fully explain and demonstrate each method (routine) and its underlying concepts. Each Guide has four sets of materials and links, sent weekly to you via email, to incrementally increase your knowledge and ability.

Yuan Gong can be separated into two practice levels:

  • The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address body and Qi (energy). These are most effective when learned and practiced sequentially.
  • The Yuan Gong methods that primarily address the heart and mind. These can be practiced in any order, or even concurrently with the others.

Learn more about At-Home Learning

2. Wellbeing Begins with YOU

Begin by getting an overview of Ren Xue through reading Yuan Tze’s most recent book.

3. Work with a Certified Teacher

Explore our database of teachers to find someone near you, or someone who can work with you over Skype.

4. More Ways to Get Started

Take a Yuan Gong Class
Find a class near you

Work on the Patterns of Consciousness
Schedule a session with a teacher
Read the chapter on patterns in Wellbeing Begins with YOU
Join a physical or virtual discussion group

Participate in the Annual Retreat at Wonder Valley
Learn more and register to attend
Stream the retreat and watch at your convenience  (coming soon)

Take Part in the Outreach Program
Learn what we are doing and see an updated list of our program sites

Learn about Qi and Totality Healing
Schedule a healing session in person or via Skype (coming soon)
Attend the annual healing retreat

Help support our non-profit organization. Contact or use our contact form.

Enroll in the Teacher Training Program
Dive right in! Visit our international site for details.


Personal Stories

"From Ren Xue, I learned how powerful thoughts can be, and that they can even determine our health condition."
— M.K. New Zealand

More Personal Experiences

“My role is to pass on to others the treasures I have acquired.”
– Yuan Tze