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What is Yuan Qigong?

Yuan Qigong is a comprehensive, safe and effective Qigong system designed for the needs and benefits of people living in the 21st century. It is deeply rooted in ancient Chinese wisdom tradition, but as a modern discipline it also incorporates western scientific and psychological findings.

The nine Yuan Qigong methods form a comprehensive system for uplifting and transforming life. The first six methods strengthen the body, including the organs and immune system, and improve energy or Qi levels. The final three methods are highly advanced internal Qigong methods that work on the heart and mind.

Yuan Qigong is a beautiful, efficient series of practices to bolster health and relieve problems. All movements, postures, breathing techniques and visualizations in Yuan Qigong are easy to learn, enjoyable to practice and can be performed individually at home, within a group or with the help of our experienced teachers.

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How is Yuan Qigong different from other forms of Qigong?

Created in 2013 by world-renowned teacher and Qigong master Yuan Tze, this Qigong system helps practitioners clear health problems and experience happiness and well-being. But its rewards don't stop there. It uplifts life by working comprehensively on the whole of life – including the body, Qi, heart and consciousness.

What is the purpose of Yuan Qigong?

This system helps people better understand themselves and the universe, and experience the immense power of a truly open heart. It’s ultimate goal is to bring harmony to oneself, others, and the world through self-realization.

Is Qigong safe to practice?

Safety comes first. It is considered in every part of the practice: every movement, mind activity, and how the system works as a whole. The nine methods are arranged so that practitioners first build a solid Qi foundation, and then work safely on the heart and consciousness.

Because the practice is so effective in directing Qi, practitioners should avoid mixing YUAN QIGONG with other types of Qigong. Mixing Qigong styles will give Qi two different messages resulting in confusion and possibly harm to body and consciousness. To ensure safety, learn the methods properly from a qualified teacher.

Are Yuan Gong and Yuan Qigong the same?

“Yuan Gong” and “Yuan Qigong” are the same. "Yuan" means complete, perfect, unity or original. Qi stands for energy or life energy, while Gong translates as work or skill. Qigong means working with or regulating Qi or developing the ability to control, take care of and enhance life energy.

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art. This wisdom system has been continously developed and modified over the centuries and there are numerous Qigong systems. “Yuan Qigong” is the comprehensive Qigong system developed by world-renowned teacher and healer Yuan Tze for people in the 21st century.

Yuan Gong At-Home Learning is a complete program to get you started on your Yuan Gong practice or to deepen an existing practice.

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