About Yuan Tze

Yuan Tze's Story

Yuan Tze is a world-renowned teacher and healer. He is the creator of Ren Xue, a comprehensive system for understanding and changing life. Yuan Tze sees that humanity is at a crossroads and that the transformation of our hearts and minds is our best hope for the future.

Yuan Tze was born in a small ancient coastal town in the Jiangsu province of China in 1962. Not long after he was born, he stopped eating. Neither his parents nor the doctors could make him resume eating and he became very weak. A Daoist monk offered to help. At six months old, Yuan Tze was taken by the monk to live with him at his temple. Continue reading Yuan Tze's Story...

In the words of his students, Yuan Tze is:

  • An ordinary man with extraordinary abilities
  • A transmitter of ancient wisdom
  • A humorous, loving teacher
  • A committed life cultivator
  • A healer of body and mind
  • A master who embodies his teachings

Yuan Tze's Story