Yuan Tze’s Story

Yuan Tze was born in a small ancient coastal town in the Jiangsu province of China in 1962. Not long after he was born, he stopped eating. Neither his parents nor the doctors could make him resume eating and he became very weak. A Daoist monk offered to help. At six months old, Yuan Tze was taken by the monk to live with him at his temple. Continue reading Yuan Tze’s Story…

In the words of his students, Yuan Tze is:

  • An ordinary man with extraordinary abilities
  • A transmitter of ancient wisdom
  • A humorous, loving teacher
  • A committed life cultivator
  • A healer of body and mind
  • A master who embodies his teachings

Yuan Tze’s Story

How Yuan Tze views life and death

If I knew that tomorrow I was going to die, I would still have a very normal and happy day today.

Not getting too attached to what we have in this life is very important for overcoming fear of death.

I have everything I am supposed to have at every present moment… The world doesn’t owe me anything.

In his own words:

“As a human, I am an ordinary person like everyone else. If you really want to make a distinction between other people and me, perhaps it lies in what I do and the way I see and do things; hence the different outcomes.”
(VTTS v.1, p xi)

“My role is to pass on to others the treasures I have acquired.”
(VTTS v.1 p 38)

“Everything I do here, including the verbal teaching, is done with special mind activity that builds a Qifield and uses it to carry and transmit special information.”
(VTTS v.1 p 48)


Personal Stories

"Yuan Gong brings the teachings of Ren Xue more alive, bringing a deeper connection between the practice, the theories, and life cultivation."
— N.M. New Zealand

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