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What is the Wellbeing Book Club?

Are you curious about the new edition of Wellbeing Begins with You?  Or have you read it and feel ready to apply the teachings in new and inspiring ways? In this 5-week Book Club we will explore Yuan Tze’s rich teachings on how you can tap into your inner resources to heal your body and navigate life. Facilitated by Marsha Moore and Kelly Snyder, each week they will offer thought-provoking questions and topics to help you engage with the book’s wisdom. This is a wonderful opportunity to come together for heart felt sharing, discussion and inspiration.

About Yuan Tze's book Wellbeing begins with you

Since the first edition was published in 2013, thousands of Ren Xue practitioners have used it as an essential tool for deepening their work on life. In the last ten years Yuan Tze’s teachings have continued to expand and deepen and the Ren Xue system has become more comprehensive and established. This second edition is to better reflect what Ren Xue is now.

This edition speaks to conversant Ren Xue practitioners as well as newcomers who are serious about healing and uplifting life. It presents Ren Xue as a roadmap for navigating life. Readers can expect to develop a better understanding of life and the problems we have, and gain clarity on how to work on these problems and uplift life towards a place where natural qualities of life such as health, true happiness, a sense of wellbeing, and growth can fully manifest.

New stories are included in this edition to illustrate the change of content. All the stories used in this edition demonstrate how the narrators have been able to use Ren Xue to transform their lives in ways that far exceeded their hopes. The scope of the changes is as comprehensive as Ren Xue is intended for including changes on the Qi, physical, heart, and consciousness levels. Many of them could ordinarily be labeled as “miracles”. These inspiring stories are truly the gems of the book.

For many people, reading the first edition was a life-changing experience. More surprises are waiting to be discovered in this new edition!

Wellbeing begins with you

Discussion Dates and Time on Zoom

Saturdays from 9:00 AM– 10:45 AM PST

Week 1: May 11th
Week 2: May 18th
Week 3: June 1st
Week 4: June 8th
Week 5: June 15th

Readings by Week

Week 1 – Part 1 

  • Chapter 1 Understanding Human Life in the Context of Totality
  • Chapter 2 When Life is Off Track
  • Chapter 3 The Healthy Life
  • Chapter 4 Basic Principles of Self-Healing

Week 2 – Part 2

  • Chapter 5 The Qifield 
  • Chapters 6 Qigong Practice
  • Chapter 7 Qi Healing for Everyone

Week 3 – Part 3

  • Chapter 8 Cultivation of 5 Xin

Week 4 – Part 3

  • Chapter 9 Transforming Patterns

Week 5 – Part 3

  • Chapter 10 Realization and Wisdom & Wrap up


The registration rate for the book club is $60 USD.

Please note that the book is not included with Book Club registration. In case you don't already have the book, please go to this page to see the different options for purchasing the paperback book or ebook.

Meet your hosts

Kelly Snyder

Kelly Snyder

Kelly was first introduced to Ren Xue in 2009 while she was actively searching for ways to better understand herself and find more direction for her life.  Since then, she has become a fully qualified teacher, began working with a community of teachers in the Seattle area and was the Yuan Qigong demonstrator for the Ren Xue Teacher Trainings.  In addition to teaching, Kelly currently works as the Communications Coordinator for Ren Xue International.  She lives in Renton, Washington with her husband and two young boys.  She enjoys weekend road trips, a wide range of music, exploring her local area outdoors, and spending time with family.

Marsha Moore

Marsha Moore

Marsha began learning Ren Xue in 2009. She continued her studies because Ren Xue answered many of the questions other schools of thought left unanswered, including the purpose of life and why life unfolds as it does. She currently works with Ren Xue teachers, supporting them as they find unique and creative ways to bring this valuable information to others. She is grateful that her professional work as an educator prepared her to support Ren Xue in this way.