Changing Patterns -
At Home Learning Course

Replace unhealthy patterns of thought and behavior


  Improves your wellbeing and uplifts your life

  Life-time access

  Free monthly Deep Dive Workshops

  One-on-one sessions with experienced teachers

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Changing Patterns

Replace unhealthy patterns


  Improves your wellbeing

  Life-time access

  Free monthly Deep Dive Workshops

  One-on-one sessions with experienced teachers

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Changing Patterns: Find inner and outer harmony 

with our Qigong At Home Learning Course



Learn how to free yourself from past conditioning



Reconnect your True Self
with your heart


Find a better way                
to mindfully respond in any situation


Find inner and outer harmony

In our online course Changing Patterns you will learn to identify the common patterns most humans share and discover replacement patterns that can help to gently move an unhealthy pattern towards a more positive, constructive one. 

  • 30 min video content / 33 min audio content
  • Free access to the monthly Deep Dive Workshops
  • Life-long access to the course
  • Optional: Add an individual teacher session for only $30

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Developed by world-renowned Qigong Master Yuan Tze

  • Served as member of the Chinese Qigong Science Research Association
  • World-renowned healer and teacher
  • Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong

Changing Patterns has changed the lives of people like you!

Practicing Yuan Qigong has changed the lives of many people. Please listen to Jay's (New Zealand) and Meike's (The Netherlands) experiences they are sharing with us.

Jay, New Zealand

Meike, The Netherlands

Changing Patterns: Course Outline

Session 1: Patterns

  • Topic 1: About Changing Patterns
  • Topic 2: What's a Pattern?
  • Topic 3: Ways to identify Patterns
  • Topic 4: Bonus Clip!

Session 2: The 10 Fundamental Patterns

  • Topic 1: The 10 Patterns and the Process of Ling Yuan
  • Topic 2: Polarized Thinking
  • Topic 3: Over Generalization
  • Topic 4: Unfounded Suspicion
  • Topic 5: Negative Thinking
  • Topic 6: Fixed Expectations
  • Topic 7: Greediness
  • Topic 8: Self-Centeredness
  • Topic 9: Avoiding and Hiding
  • Topic 10: Stubbornness
  • Topic 11: Competitiveness
  • Topic 12: The 10 Brothers and the Elephant

Session 3: Going Deeper

  • Topic 1: A Wondrous Path
  • Topic 2: Replacement Patterns
  • Topic 3: Preparing for the Practice
  • Topic 4: Bonus

Session 4: The Guided Practice

  • Topic 1: The Ling Yuan Practice
  • Topic 2: Spiraling Upward

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