Develop and Enhance Your Teaching Skills

 Learn in this workshop how to:

  Inspire and engage 

  Help your students

  Teach amazing classes

A workshop for REN XUE Teachers

Develop and Enhance Your Teaching Skills

The course will help you answer common questions teachers have about teaching Ren Xue, including:

  • How do you structure a class to keep students engaged and inspired to apply?
  • How do you make information meaningful to people?
  • There are a thousand things you could say, but there is only one that will sink in. How do you know what that is?

Whether you are new to teaching, or an experienced REN XUE teacher, this course is designed to give you strategies to actively engage your students and make the information relevant and meaningful to their lives.

During this series, you will be able to use the skills and techniques offered to plan a class, whether it is a class you are already planning to teach or are dreaming about. If you don’t have a class in mind, this workshop may inspire new ideas.


Join fellow Ren Xue teachers and together:

  • Explore ways to teach that engages and inspires students to apply REN XUE in their daily life. Learning to do this is simple and possible!
  • Discover the freedom to authentically teach from your heart and help students learn in ways that have personal meaning to them.
  • Learn how to sift through all the possible REN XUE content you could teach and choose the information that is the most important to share.
  • Find the confidence to teach

Deadline and fee

Duration: 4 weeks

Fee: $84 USD

Early Registration Discount: Apply before March 15, 2023 to receive the early registration rate of $68 USD

Who can attend: All newly and previously certified teachers within the global REN XUE teacher community.

Financial Assistance: For those who could not otherwise attend, partial financial assistance is available. Please reach out to for details.

Dates and location

This 4-week course meets weekly on Zoom, Saturdays from 9-11AM Pacific Time:

April 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd

Specific Strategies included in this training:

Strategies to actively engage students in understanding and creating a personal relationship with REN XUE

  • Creating Reflective Questions - What are they and how can you use them to make information meaningful?
  • Using Stories, Examples and Quotes to bring information to life.

Planning Frameworks to organize your teaching so you can relax and engage students with your heart

  • Receive tools and templates for planning your classes.
  • Use the tools to plan a class during this series and get inspired with new ideas.

Foundational Principles of Teaching and Learning

  • Create supports along the way in your students’ learning journey so they can integrate and apply the learning independently long after the class ends
  • Consider the balance in the learning environment between the needs of the students, the content, and the teacher.


Your teacher for this class

The REN XUE teachers and coaches who provide support to teachers in our community have been studying with Yuan Tze for many years. They have mastered all 6 levels of Yuan Qigong and will support your learning process based on their training and personal experience applying and teaching Ren Xue.

As a coach for REN XUE teachers around the globe, Marsha Moore shares easy and practical ways to deliver information in a personable and engaging way. As a Certified REN XUE teacher, lifelong learner and professional educator with 25 years of experience developing, facilitating, and teaching adult learning, it has been an amazing gift for Marsha to combine her professional work with her passion for REN XUE. She is continually inspired and humbled by REN XUE teachers’ whole-hearted desire to help others, and their willingness to stretch their own understanding of teaching and learning in service of Du Ren.

If you have questions concerning this workshop, please reach out to Marsha directly: Contact