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Would you like to change how you are living your life? Maybe you practice other Yuan Qigong methods and you have discovered that, after a practice, your life feels different – calmer, more serene. You even feel better equipped to deal with challenging situations without feeling the stress they normally induce. But often that sense of calm is fairly short-lived. Why is that?

The source of many of our behaviors and reactions are the patterns of consciousness that underlie everything in our life. They affect how we perceive a situation and before we know it, how we respond! Like we once learned to drive a car and now do so without conscious direction of our every move, so our brains have learned how to behave in given situations. We are no longer conscious of these mechanisms, but they are driving our car! Changing Patterns (Ling Yuan) is the method to help us achieve a permanent change in our lives by addressing these deep-seated patterns.

In the first three sessions of the course, you will learn to identify the common patterns most humans share and discover replacement patterns that can help to gently move an unhealthy pattern towards a more positive, constructive one. The last session is a guided practice of Ling Yuan itself.