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Gathering Qi (Tian Yuan) is an invitation to begin a different way of living. In this first method of Yuan Qigong, you’ll learn to turn your focus inward and to attune yourself to a rhythm of life not dictated by reactions to external events.

Paying attention during this practice of graceful movements you’ll start to feel a different connection with yourself – and become familiar with the feeling of Qi moving in the body. The exchange of Qi that is affected during the practice helps to initiate changes in the body: stress may diminish, posture improve, and strength increase. In fact, what is happening is the body and mind preparing to begin the process of integration of the separated self with the greater whole. The overall result is a feeling of calm, and a new awareness.

The course is presented in four sessions, each with topics addressing various aspects of the practice, both practical and theoretical. There are audio guides, instructional videos and detailed explanations of each movement. You can go at your own pace, taking the time you need to experience the joy of a Yuan Qigong practice.


"I have been traveling to China for long periods of time, trying to get to the root of the knowledge behind what practicing Qigong is about. And then I came across the REN XUE's teachings. When I first learned the 6 verses of the Yuan Qigong methods, I knew that was it!" M.M. Calgary, Canada

"Learning to practice Tian Yuan is the best thing I have done for myself. Thank you so much. All my miserable moods and crabby heart just dissipate and I feel loving and receptive, which is how I wish to engage with the world." K.E. Calgary, Canada