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Have you participated in the Relaxed, Calm and Natural workshops? The first three workshops constitute Series I of the Path to Inner Harmony Master Your State teachings. They focus on the foundations of achieving mastery: being relaxed, calm, and natural. They are an excellent place to begin working on your state. The remaining three workshops you’ll find in this course constitute Series 2 and focus on achieving an integrated, unified state, living in harmony, and mastering Jue Cha. All of the workshops enrich the teachings of Yuan Qigong by showing us how to develop and maintain a good state, both during practice and throughout our day.

The ‘state’ we live in in large part determines how we perceive the universe and everything in it, including ourselves.  Mastering a state of being relaxed, calm, natural, integrated/unified and harmonious prepares you for the practice of Jue Cha, realization and wisdom. Along the way you’ll find increased inner peace, an open heart and profound gratitude. We hope you enjoy this journey with Yuan Tze.