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Strengthening Organs (Xia Yuan) works on deep organ Qi. During the course, you will learn about the sounds, colors, and hand forms associated with each organ and use them to intensely focus on each organ as you practice. The method is relatively simple (and it’s fun: feeling how the vibration of a sound can energize the associated organ is deeply satisfying!) Strengthening Organs is composed of many distinct segments. Each can be practiced independently to address individual needs.

Four sessions lead you through all aspects of the practice with video and audio recordings, and detailed explanations of the movements, including the hand postures.

Because organ health and emotions are inexorably intertwined, this method improves both health and emotional well-being.


“I had the most fantastic experience practicing Xia Yuan when I made a point to become very familiar with the sounds before approaching the whole method: A euphoric state filled my abdomen and I began to understand the potential of this very advanced method. Thank you to Yuan Tze!”  ~ S.J. France