Covid-19 Vaccines and Qigong


The following article about Covid-19 vaccines and Qigong does not take a position as to whether or not to get vaccinated. Rather, it looks at the question:

“Can Qigong practice positively influence our bodies and support us when getting vaccinated?“

This fascinating question came to my mind when I – like many people on this planet right now – was faced with the decision as to whether, when, and how to get my first shot. So let’s look at it from a Qigong perspective.

An Opportunity to Work on Humility

First of all, it is understandable that many people, including myself, feel ambivalent about the new Covid-19 vaccines. History shows that 10-20 years after a pandemic or other major health crisis, there are things, both positive and negative, that come to light that could not have been considered at the time. For example, there can be long-term effects after the introduction of novel therapies that according to the knowledge at the time just could not have been predicted or fully understood.
So, at this stage, we all have to accept that we don’t understand the totality of this topic yet. Throughout life, there will always be things we cannot know. Trying to approach them with utmost humility and respect is what I am currently working on.

How to Support your Body for a Covid-19 Vaccine

If you decide to receive the vaccine, there are steps you can take to ensure the best possible outcome. If you are already a Qigong practitioner, have you considered using the practice to prepare for the vaccination? From the perspective of Qi and Qigong this makes a lot of sense.
Qigong helps you get into a joyful, calm, relaxed, and open state. You feel better connected to yourself and a strong sense of trust and gratitude is more present. This certainly helps deal with any situation in a much better way than being stressed and worried about it.

In a calm state, side effects after the vaccination can be more easily accepted and efficiently dealt with. Furthermore, we all know that our immune system is compromised when we are stressed. So, if we want to create the best possible conditions for our immune system to respond to the vaccination and build antibodies and T-cells, we should do our best to remain in a relaxed state before, during, and after the vaccination. There are already some exploratory studies which suggest that Qigong can foster the antibody response after an influenza vaccination.

Building a Qifield for the Covid-19 Vaccine

Once a fellow Yuan Qigong teacher told me she created a strong Qifield filled with positive information before her children got their first tetanus vaccinations. She added that once she had decided to get her children vaccinated, she also decided to fully trust her decision and that her children would be totally fine.
I was so impressed by her words that I never forgot them. In our current situation, I can understand even better how important it is to get ourselves in the best possible state when dealing with any challenging decision or situation.

If you haven’t tried Qigong yet and haven’t had the opportunity to experience the positive impact it can have on our body, mind, spirit, and heart, these challenging times are a perfect reminder to get started.

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What are the benefits of a Qigong Practice for Vaccination

Most Qigong methods will support the practitioner before, during and after receiving the vaccine. Qigong helps to:

  • Support the body and immune system
  • Get into a joyful, trusting and relaxed state
  • Stay calm while waiting for or while getting the vaccination
  • Strengthen the overall health condition
  • Deal with any side effects of a Covid-19 vaccine
  • Deal with any physical, emotional or mental reactions to the vaccine
  • Deal with the fear of injections

How can a Yuan Qigong practice help during Vaccination?

Yuan Qigong consists of 9 separate methods, several of which can be particularly helpful with preparation for a vaccine.

Covid-19 and Qigong: Gathering Qi

Gathering Energy/Tian Yuan, the first method of Yuan Qigong, would be a good choice for building up healthy energy and supporting the body and its immune system before and after the vaccination.

Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart/Tong Yuan, the 7th method of Yuan Qigong, nourishes trust and a deep love for yourself and others. Instead of approaching the vaccination from a place of fear, consider nourishing trust. Nourishing the feeling of gratitude can also make a huge difference when facing a challenging situation.
Would you like to try? Let me know if you can feel the difference!

Covid-19 and Qigong: Strengthening Organgs

Strengthening Organs/Xia Yuan, the 4th method of Yuan Qigong, is a special method to strengthen the organs and overall health of the body. This powerful practice does not only help improve the health of the physical organs themselves but directly works on the pure Qi of the organs and the “non material space“ they hold in our bodies. Because organ health and emotions are inexorably intertwined, this method improves both health and emotional well-being.

During flu season or, as now, with all the variants of the corona virus circulating, strengthening the lung and heart area may be helpful exercises for prevention. It can also be helpful to work on the kidneys which carry our life force.

With daily exercise you will very soon feel a difference in the body and improve the health of the organs themselves. The body might start to respond in a completely new way just from the loving attention you give it during the practice.

Dantian Breathing

Dantian Breathing is a powerful adjunct practice for calm and stability. It can be used while receiving the vaccine or while waiting.

How to Deal with Possible Side Effects of the Covid-19 Vaccine

Yuan Qigong works in any form of rehabilitation. A good mindset and gentle movements are always very supportive for any kind of healing.

In case of any side effects or if symptoms start to show up after the vaccination, staying calm is crucial. When you feel disturbed, Yuan Qigong can help restore a relaxed state so you will be able to take care of yourself and clear the symptoms more easily. Of course, you should always check the symptoms with your doctor as well. Yuan Qigong is intended to complement rather than replace medical care.

Covid-19 and Qigong: Creating a Qifield

Creating a Qifield with positive information before and after the vaccination is very beneficial, too. A Qifield works with condensed energy and positive information. It has a powerful, yet often underestimated impact on the outcome.

Sending bright Qi into the body and trusting that it is capable of self healing can make a huge difference.

If you are interested in knowing more about the power of Qifields and how to create them stay tuned for our next QiBlog articles.

Wishing you a wonderful experience with your practice!
Stay healthy – and calm. ❤️


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