Registration is open for the third workshop in Yuan Tze’s Be the Master of Your State workshop series.

Being NATURAL may not be as straightforward to understand and apply as the other elements of a good state. However, it provides an essential foundation. In all the years that Yuan Tze has shared his wisdom, this workshop will be the first time he will give a comprehensive talk on this essential element.

During this workshop, you will hear how NATURAL can help you achieve a sense of freedom, ease, and self-determination with no disturbance by anything, at any moment. Yuan Tze will also focus on the following aspects:

  • What is the fundamental nature of the universe and its connection with human life?
  • What is the natural state for a human life?
  • How is being natural related to health and growth?
  • How am I doing in terms of ‘being natural’? How did I get here?
  • Becoming natural is returning to the universe (unification and harmony) and is a process of developing realization and wisdom.
  • Understanding how to return to nature and experience the natural state

The exploration of this element will not only provide you with a new perspective to work on the state, but also help enhance your work on RELAXED and CALM.

In joining the event, you will be immersed in the strong Qifield not only created and nurtured by Yuan Tze, but also strengthened by the REN XUE community who joined the previous two workshops. In this strong Qifield, you will have the opportunity to truly experience the feeling of being NATURAL.  Learn more and register.