Bring it Deeper

(Ren Yuan)

Increases grace, balance and stability. Easily modifiable for those with health conditions or physical limitations. Ren Yuan is a powerful practice on its own. Adding Ren Yuan to the practice of Tian Yuan and Di Yuan will enhance the overall benefits of each individual practice.

Course Outline

When you sign up for this course, we will send you a welcome letter and a series of four instructional emails, one per week for the next month. Each email will include links to supportive written information (PDFs) audio (MP3s) or online videos according to the following schedule:


These materials will help you build a basic understanding of the concepts and elements of the Bring It Deeper method and will get you started with video and audio instructions. It is important to practice at your own pace and in harmony with your own personal condition. Build the practice incrementally. Moderation, along with consistent effort, will build the strongest foundation. 


Here we present video and audio practice guides for Bring It Deeper along with a detailed description and illustration for each movement. Remember to increase the length of your practice gradually! 


In this week, we develop the pattern of thoughts most beneficial to deepening the practice and provide guidance for mastering the movements and mind activities. Week three also includes a longer practice guide.


In the final week, we advance your understanding of Qi and offer an even longer audio practice guide.

Meet the Registrar

Jana Chamales is the registrar for our At-Home Learning program. If you have any questions about this course, you may contact her at

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