Nourishing Energy

(Di Yuan)

Nourishing Energy is suitable for beginners and easily modifiable for those with health conditions or physical limitations. Energy Gathering and Nourishing Energy are complementary practices. While each practice is effective on its own, there is mutual benefit when practiced together.

Course Outline

When you sign up for this course, we will send you a welcome letter and a series of four instructional emails, one per week for the next month. Each email will include links to supportive written information (PDFs) audio (MP3s) or online videos according to the following schedule:


  • Nourishing Energy Instructional Video
    Step-by-step demonstration and instructions for each Nourishing Energy movement (Video)
  • Features and Benefits of Nourishing Energy
    Why and how the practice of Nourishing Energy (Qi) positively impacts health and wellbeing (PDF)
  • Short Audio Practice Guide
    A 37-minute auditory guide for a combined practice of Energy Gathering and Nourishing Energy (MP3)

  • Detailed explanation of Movements
    Each movement explained in text and diagrams (PDF)
  • Nourishing Energy Video Practice Guide
    Practice along with this Nourishing Energy video guide (Video)
  • Longer Audio Practice Guide
    A 58-minute auditory guide for a combined practice of Energy Gathering and Nourishing Energy (MP3)

  • How to Make Good Progress
    Helpful hints for making good progress and maximizing the benefits of your practice (PDF)
  • Extended Practice Guide
    A 75- minute audio guide for a longer practice  – suitable for when your practice has advanced and your schedule permits (MP3)

  • Squats Video
    Learn this supplementary method that helps boost energy and clear emotions (Video)

Meet the Registrar

Jana Chamales is the registrar for our At-Home Learning program. If you have any questions about this course, you may contact her at

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