Xia Yuan Demonstration Video

Called “Strengthen Organs” in the At-Home Learning program

This video uses the soundtrack from Yuan Gong practice MP3 audio No. 20. It consists of Xia Yuan (method 4) which is designed to improve organ Qi. Sustained practice can improve the health of the organs.


Video Contents

  • Preparation – Body (2:42)
  • Preparation – Shen and Qifield (1:48)
  • Opening (9:47)
  • Liver (1:51)
  • Heart (1:49)
  • Spleen (1:59)
  • Lung (1:57)
  • Kidney (1:56)
  • Sanjiao (2:01)
  • Ending (11:31)
  • Head and Face (2:40)

These videos are only for demonstration of the practice. They are not a learning tool. Proper instructions from qualified teachers and/or Online Learning are essential for accurate and effective practice of Yuan Gong.

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