After his awakening, Yuan Tze was imbued with a strong desire to help others attain wisdom. While still in China, he helped people through his classes and healings. In 2002 he moved to New Zealand and began the long journey of creating Ren Xue. He introduced the methods of Yuan Qigong one at a time, moving students progressively forward. As he taught, it became evident that in addition to the six methods that focus on Qi, methods were needed to transform Jingshen (the heart, consciousness and True Self). The advanced methods of Tong Yuan (Opening the Heart), Ling Yuan (Changing Patterns) and Ming Yuan (Cultivating Wisdom) were added. In the documentary The Middle Years Part II - Ren Xue Revealed you will learn how the story of Ren Xue began – a story that has transformed so many lives since.