There is no better way to understand Ren Xue than to hear about it from its founder. These next videos follow Yuan Tze’s life and explain why and how he came to develop Ren Xue. Difficult, unpleasant experiences can motivate us to change. So it was for Yuan Tze. His early years were marked by external and internal strife. In the Early Years video, Yuan Tze shares the instability and emotional turmoil he experienced as a boy and the violence it engendered. Even though the time and place were very different, his feelings and his way of coping feel akin to the alienation and disillusionment many feel now. Yuan Tze’s journey led him out of his intense suffering when he began to know his heart. Gongjing (humility and respect) played a critical role in his development. Enjoy this beautiful documentary where Yuan Tze openly shares personal experiences from his early years.