Qigong Workshop: Kaixin Verse – A Shortcut to Opening the Heart


We invite you to join Yuan Tze’s Living from the Heart workshop series

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The Kaixin Verse is a 6-line verse created by Yuan Tze to directly impact the heart. It is used in the preparation portion of some of the Yuan Qigong methods to increase their effectiveness. It can also be used at any time throughout the day to help us open the door to the heart.


The Kaixin (heart opening) Verse


Heaven, Earth and Human are all teachers with infinite wisdom;

I open my Xin Men (door of the heart) to trust and love them unconditionally;

With gratitude in my heart, I receive the bright light of their love and wisdom and unify with it;

My Shen, Yi and Xin are fully aligned with the light of Dao;

With Gongjing, realisation and wisdom are arising;

I am one with the light of the wisdom of the universe.



Kai – open

Xin – heart

Xin Men – the gate of the heart

Shen – true self

Yi – consciousness

Gongjing – true respect


  • Workshop with world-know master and healer Yuan Tze
  • Deepening our work on Xin Ling (the heart consciousness)
  • Creating a stronger foundation for how we live

Price: NZ$60

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Comprising six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze will help you dispel the unintentional ignorance that prevents us from accessing the treasures of the True Self and the wisdom that lies within.

For each of us, the true way to create a better life is to uplift ourselves by making real change and developing realization. In doing so, our wisdom will grow and create a stronger foundation for how we live. Your True Self is a reservoir holding infinite wisdom—wisdom that is essential to attaining a better life because it enables us to clear the root cause of our problems and live a truly healthy and meaningful life.

Yuan Tze will help us deepen our work on Xin Ling (the heart consciousness), through the practice of connecting with and applying the five essential qualities of the heart to life: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude, and Gongjing. When our Xin Ling is in a whole and natural state, we can reach our True Self.

Anyone can attend this unique and important event. It isn’t necessary to be familiar with Yuan Tze or Yuan Qigong. Many newcomers have found Yuan Tze’s events to be life changing!


Watch as Norberto describes the difference between an open mind and an open heart.


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3nCF8RTkJM[/embedyt]


Start learning Qigong - feel better today!

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