Self Healing - I Got A Feeling


Calm, An Essential Nutrient For Modern Life

Hosts: Jackie Blunt & Kathy Fogarty Guest: Cathy Fox Cathy describes her transformation from an external adventure seeker and world traveler to the more rewarding journey of internal exploration.

Taking A Dive And Coming Up For Air

Hosts: Kathy Fogarty & Bill McMillan Guest: Dale Mirmow Dale recounts how she healed from a 40-ft fall into a canyon while hiking – a journey that begins in the great outdoors and leads to an inner exploration of trust and openness.

A Way Home From Chronic Illness

Host: Kathy Fogarty Guests: Bill McMillan & Diana Lion Bill talks about his Yuan Gong classes with cancer survivors, and Diana shares the disruptive, chaotic and even traumatic aspects of living with chronic illness.

When The World Gets Turned Upside Down

Host: Jackie Blunt Guests: Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels & Shane Ricketts Dorrie and Shane talk with Jackie about the tools they used to cope with the shock and trauma from earthquakes, accidents and death.

Grow Your Life With Qi

Host: Jackie Blunt Guests: Vanessa Lukes & Ollie Clifton Life partners Ollie and Vanessa describe the impact of Vanessa’s cancer diagnosis at age 30, and how life changed after they began using Ren Xue and Yuan Gong.

Intentional Healing: You Can Do It

Host: Kathy Fogarty Guest: Mark Libow Kathy, a naturopath from Seattle, interviews Dr. Mark Libow, a retired cardiologist who now focuses on intentional healing and its relationship to consciousness.

Death, Breath, And Harmony

Hosts: Bill McMillan & Kathy Fogarty Guest: Helen Greenspan Helen, a Hospice nurse for 25 years, gives a candid reflection of her work with the dying and the precious insights she has gained from her work.

Self Healing - I Got A Feeling

Hosts: Bill McMillan & Kathy Fogarty Guests: Diana Lion Diana recounts how, after struggling with Lyme disease, chronic migraines and severe chemical sensitivities, she used Ren Xue and Yuan Gong to regain her health and wellbeing.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Hosts: Jackie Blunt & Bill McMillan Guests: Manfred Raunigg, Ana Raunigg & Kelly Snyder Manfred, Ana and Kelly discuss a variety of topics from couples and relationships to restoring energy after childbirth and breast feeding.

What's Your Fix? Addiction And Ren Xue

Hosts: Bill McMillan & Kathy Fogarty Guests: Cathy Fox Cathy candidly talks about her experience with alcohol addiction and substance abuse. For anyone who has wrestled with addiction, this show is not to be missed.

Mind Matters

Host: Jackie Blunt Guest: Vanessa Lukes Vanessa and Jackie share a conversation about brain development from the perspective of brain science as understood by the highly-respected Brainwave Trust Aotearoa, of which Jackie is a member.

The Nature of Practice

Host: Jackie Blunt Guests: Nick Logan, Shona Page, & Natalie Meijer Nick, Shona and Natalie look at how regular practice has changed their lives. They relate not only the impact on the quality of their individual lives but also on their intimate relationships.

Up, Up, And Away - Taking Off With Ren Xue

Host: Jackie Blunt Guests: Bill McMillan & Sally Hinds Bill McMillan and Sally Hinds, board members of Ren Xue of the Americas, talk about working locally and globally to help bring peace and health back into the heart of humanity.