REN XUE Retreat with Yuan Tze

A self-development journey into the experience of human life, both physical and non-physical, through guided movement and theory.

WATER VALLEY, ALBERTA ~ April 27 to May 4, 2018

EXPAND YOUR MIND – HEAL YOUR BODY – CHANGE YOUR LIFE at the REN XUE of the Americas 2018 Retreat. This springtime retreat will be held in the beautiful foothills at the base of the Canadian Rocky Mountains and will provide beginners and advanced participants alike, with a unique opportunity for true understanding, healing and transformation.

Our retreat welcomes aspiring seekers and explorers who would like to:

  • Move beyond common practices which focus primarily on the physical level to deeper, more comprehensive methods designed to fully unify the body, consciousness and self to generate tangible, dramatic changes
  • Learn safe, effective still and movement-based methods that expand consciousness as well as build and strengthen the vital energies which represent the basic foundation of our health and well-being
  • Know how to cultivate key qualities of trust, openness, love, gratitude and true respect, both internally and externally
  • Create a better life by adopting internal approaches that enable us to deal effectively with personal challenges from an emotional, mental, behavioral and interpersonal perspective
  • Reach a higher level of self-realization and wisdom, enabling us to elevate life and contribute in a positive way to the progress of society
  • Uphold the mission of REN XUE to help oneself and help others

Details for the Retreat

Questions About the Retreat?

Contact Sabine Goubau at:
(403) 283-4592

Books by Yuan Tze

To purchase books in Canada, contact Sabine Goubau at: Information on how to purchase books outside Canada can be found here.

More About Ren Xue

What is REN XUE?


REN XUE’s founder, Yuan Tze, chose these words to indicate the way in which REN XUE explains the fundamentals of life, and convey how profoundly it can affect all aspects of our lives: improving energy and fostering better physical health, clarifying and focusing thought processes, as well as opening up our hearts and elevating our consciousness. Literally translated, the words mean “The Science of Human Life”.

REN XUE Retreat Elements

1. Preparation for the Retreat

The retreat is open to everyone. No previous REN XUE or Yuan Gong experience is required.

It is recommended that new participants prepare themselves by reading Yuan Tze’s book, “Well Being Begins with You”, in order to receive the full benefits offered by the retreat. The book is available through the Yuan Tze Center or in Canada by contacting Sabine Goubau at The electronic version (Kindle) is available to Canadians at Amazon.

All participants can prepare further by learning and practicing Yuan Gong methods with local teachers in advance of the retreat and by reading other books authored by Yuan Tze. It is beneficial, but not necessary, to know the Yuan Gong methods before the retreat.

2. Participation at the Retreat

This is a live-in retreat offering participants cumulative benefits as the retreat unfolds, in the constant presence of the special environment (including the effects of the energy field or Qifield), established for the retreat.

3. Daily Teachings by Yuan Tze

A portion of every day will be dedicated to Yuan Tze’s teachings and is an opportunity for participants to receive and benefit from these, through a very powerful form of heart-to-heart transmission.

Yuan Tze’s insightful teachings are intended to facilitate an understanding and appreciation amongst participants in the following key areas:

  • Improving the health of the body and Qi (energy)
  • Improving the understanding of life and oneself on all levels, including Qi, consciousness and the heart, as well as how to deal with problems on all of these levels
  • Raising the level of consciousness and cultivating five essential heart qualities in human nature (trust, openness, love, gratitude and true respect)
  • Changing and developing life as a whole

Yuan Tze’s talks go far beyond verbal communication and carry powerful information that is infused with wisdom, love and compassion, and is offered to everyone present. The information imbedded in these transmissions has the ability to impact those who are open to the teachings and guidance offered, in deep and profound ways and can often lead to dramatic shifts at the physical, emotional and mental level.

Note that no specific information or advice will be provided to individual participants regarding their own health conditions and issues, treatment modalities or potential health outcomes.

4. Daily Practice of Yuan Gong Methods

At designated times during the day, various Yuan Gong methods will be demonstrated, taught and practiced by the group.

All levels of abilities are accommodated and practice of the methods is suitable for everyone, from complete beginners to senior practitioners. Participants are encouraged to practice according to their own physical condition, abilities and level of experience, without striving to attain a specific level of practice.

Qualified REN XUE teachers will be available to assist practitioners who require assistance or clarification on the various Yuan Gong methods in terms of the physical requirements (body positions and movements) and mind activities (consciousness activities) associated with the methods.

5. Healing Opportunities

The energetic environment (known as a Qifield) built by Yuan Tze and the participants during retreat sessions is very powerful and contains special information to promote healing on the physical, Qi and consciousness levels of life amongst participants. The retreat provides many opportunities for participants to make improvements in their own health, refine their overall state of being and enable them to further manifest the essential qualities of the heart in life. The retreat may also provide the impetus for the elevation of life through an improved understanding of oneself and the development of wisdom.

At various points in the retreat, when the overall conditions are favorable and upon occasions when the quality and strength of the Qifield is particularly good, Yuan Tze will conduct group healings. These often follow a practice (still or movement) and are an excellent opportunity for participants to take advantage of the strong information present in the Qifield, in order to manifest their own personal intentions for healing and change.

6. Support from Qualified Teachers

Qualified REN XUE teachers will be available throughout the retreat to support participants. They are committed to providing assistance with respect to both the practical aspects of the Yuan Gong methods, and the general understanding of the main theories taught by Yuan Tze, including their applications in everyday life.

There will be time set aside each evening, where participants may seek assistance and clarification in these areas from senior teachers.

Retreat Facilities, Accommodation, and Cost

1. Location

Camp Kindle is located in a rural setting in the beautiful Water Valley, Alberta, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Details on the camp and facilities can be found here.

Camp Kindle

29479 Range Road 6.1 A

Water Valley, Alberta T0M 2E


Camp Kindle is located 45 minutes northwest of Cochrane, Alberta. Take Highway 22, heading north from Cochrane towards Cremona for 35 km, until its intersection with Highway 579. Turn left (west) onto Highway 579. You will pass the hamlet of Water Valley at 8.5 km. In Water Valley check your odometer and proceed on Highway 579 (also called Harold Creek Road). At 9.5 km from Water Valley, turn right (North) onto the gravel access road with a sign for Camp Kindle. The camp is about 300 m up this access road.


There is no public transport available to the Water Valley area or to the camp itself.

Please notify us upon registration if you are in need of transportation, or may be able to offer carpooling opportunities for others.

2. Facilities


There is a large parking area at the site entrance. General parking is not permitted in close proximity to the lodges during the retreat.

External Communications During Camp Stay

Camp Kindle is situated on a former ranch in rolling hills and off a well-maintained gravel road. We therefore encourage attendees to appreciate the value of the natural, quiet environment associated with the retreat setting and the opportunity this represents.

There is no cell phone coverage at Camp Kindle. However, a landline is available for guests, to make outside calls if necessary. We ask guests to limit the use of the landline to important and, as much as possible, brief phone calls in order to keep the service available to all guests.

Camp Kindle has no Wi-Fi. An Ethernet line next to the dining hall will be made available to guests to use for important or essential communications. An Ethernet cable will be provided. Please check prior to your arrival that your laptop or mobile device is able to connect to an Ethernet cable, and if not, bring the required adapter.


Camp Kindle’s Chef will prepare three nutritious, healthy meals per day and a snack.

Those with more common special dietary requirements will gladly be accommodated.

During the registration process guests will have the option to request gluten free, dairy free and vegan meals. Requests for these special dietary meals must be received by April 2nd, at the same time that the full registration fees are due.

There is a fridge available for guests who may need to store supplements or special food items.

Wheelchair Access

The camp has wheelchair access to the dining hall, washrooms, lodges and bathrooms. There are asphalt paths between the dining hall and the lodges that are suitable for wheelchairs or a vehicle. There are two special-access parking spots available next to the lodges. Note that the main meeting hall has a few steps at the entrance and therefore does not have total wheelchair access. Please let us know if you have any challenges in this regard we may be able to assist you with.

3. Accommodation

Three accommodation options are available in the Willow, Evergreen and Jack Perraton Lodges.

The majority of the lodging is shared rooms with bunkbeds, which will accommodate up to 4 people. There are a limited number of single or double occupancy rooms available which have either two twin- or two bunkbeds. These are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. All rooms have shared bath.

  • Shared rooms with up to 4 guests, shared bathroom - CDN$ 1200
  • Double occupancy with shared bathroom - CDN$1445 (price per person; limited availability)
  • Single occupancy with shared bathroom - CDN$1690 (limited availability)

Early registration discounts apply. To qualify for a discount, if registration fees are paid in full by:

January 22, 2018 – a CDN $200 discount applies

March 23, 2018 – a CDN $100 discount applies

Note that the full payment is required by April 2, 2018 to keep your reservation.

Financial Assistance is also available.

4. Special Considerations- What to Bring

Weather-appropriate Attire

During the spring season in Water Valley, outside temperatures and conditions can vary widely during both the day and at night. Prepare for warm weather, as well as for a possible brief snow shower and anything in between these two extremes. Given the camp’s proximity to the mountains, evenings and mornings are likely to be fairly cold. There may be opportunities to sit around a campfire in the evenings, in which case, warm clothing is essential.

Guests are therefore advised to bring a hat, light gloves and a warm jacket. We also recommend solid outdoor footwear with a good grip in case of snow or icy conditions and for safety reasons.

Alberta is also known for its sunny weather and it is reasonable to expect a lot of blue skies and bright sunny days, even in spring time. Sunglasses and sunscreen/protection are recommended for added comfort.

Indoor Attire

The buildings are all relatively new, are well insulated and heated as needed. Guests will be comfortable with regular indoor attire, although it is important to be adequately dressed to stay warm and comfortable during the sessions. Loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement is also recommended.

What to Bring

  • bed linen for single bed/twin size, blankets (or sleeping bag) and pillow
  • towels and personal toiletries, including ear plugs (for light sleepers)
  • indoor footwear, consider two pairs: one for the main hall and one for the lodge
  • a warm blanket for use during sitting practice
  • cushions for sitting practice if sitting on the floor (chairs will be available if sitting on the floor is too uncomfortable or unmanageable)
  • water bottle or thermos flask, favourite teas, if desired
  • flashlight
  • notebook and pen
  • appropriate clothing and footwear as noted above

Cancellation Policy

2018 REN XUE Retreat in Water Valley, Alberta

If you need to cancel your retreat registration, please do so at your earliest convenience. Late cancellations make it difficult to give someone else the opportunity to attend.

Once you have paid any portion of the registration fee, administrative and cancellation fees will apply as follows:

Cancellations on or before March 23

  • Registration fees less the $200 deposit and applicable administrative charges (PayPal, credit card, bank etc.) will be refunded by cheque within 30 days.

Cancellations after March 23

  • Registration fees are non-refundable
  • In the case of a serious emergency (hospitalization or death in the family), we will credit you 50% of the refundable fees. Refundable fees are fees less the $200 deposit and applicable administrative charges (PayPal, credit card, bank etc.)

Exceptional Circumstances

  • REN XUE of the Americas reserves the right to request a participant leave the retreat if the participant’s behavior is deemed to be either excessively disruptive or dangerous to self or others. In this case, all retreat fees are non-refundable.
  • In the highly unlikely event that REN XUE of the Americas must cancel the retreat for any unforeseen reasons, we will notify all registrants as soon as possible and will refund the full fee amount paid including the deposit by cheque.

Questions About the Retreat?

Contact Sabine Goubau at:
(403) 283-4592

Books by Yuan Tze

To purchase books in Canada, contact Sabine Goubau at: Information on how to purchase books outside Canada can be found here.

More About Ren Xue