Financial Assistance for the 2018 Canada Retreat

Ren Xue of the Americas and the retreat organizers are committed to keeping retreats accessible by keeping costs as affordable as possible and providing financial assistance when necessary and possible.

Who is eligible?
People residing in North, Central or South America who could not attend the retreat without financial assistance.

We offer:

  • Payment of registration fees by installments for those in need of financial assistance
  • Financial Assistance Fund

The Financial Assistance Fund is a very limited fund made possible by donations from generous individual Ren Xue practitioners to the Fund. Financial assistance is awarded based on the honor system.

Guidelines for applying to the fund:
The funds are intended to help those truly unable to attend the retreat without financial support. Before applying to the fund, please consider the following options:

  • Payment by installments
  • Please, do not apply if you have the necessary funds in the form of savings
  • Please, first ask for assistance from family or friends

It is not possible for us to make an assessment of your needs, because financial situations are complex. This is why we are asking you to make that assessment yourself. Please take time to reflect on your situation, as your decision will affect others.

If you receive financial assistance, you will be asked to register for a shared room (up to 4 people per room).

Financial Assistance Funds have no cash value. They are a credit towards your registration fees for the 2018 Ren Xue Retreat in Water Valley, Alberta only.

Our cancellation policy applies to recipients of Financial Assistance.

To apply, simply email Sabine Goubau at

Questions About the Retreat?

Contact Sabine Goubau at:
(403) 283-4592

Books by Yuan Tze

To purchase books in Canada, contact Sabine Goubau at: Information on how to purchase books outside Canada can be found here.

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