Seeing Your Original Face


4 - 12 November 2022 

Celebrating 20 years of Ren Xue

Enjoy a special journey with Yuan Tze and explore how to gain clarity while living a meaningful life

What does it mean to you to live in a world faced with all sorts of challenges?

How do you find your place and make your life meaningful?

How do you see the road ahead more clearly?

We are at a time when we have no choice but to look at those questions seriously. In doing so, we get to know ourselves better and uplift our lives. We also gain clarity on how to help the world make change. This is a special internal journey for shedding the false self and realizing the True Self.

Yuan Tze, the main teacher of this retreat, will be communicating and exchanging directly with you on the heart, consciousness, and Shen (True Self) levels.  There will be a special focus on two of the core fundamental patterns that are at the foundation of our false self, Fixed Expectations and Hiding and Avoiding. The retreat teachings and activities will be centered around these two patterns, and Yuan Tze will take us on a journey of understanding how these two patterns shape our lives and help us through the process of transforming them at the deepest level.

Many other Ren Xue teachers will also contribute to the program, which will include learning the Yuan Gong methods and healing activities. This is a great opportunity to work together with teachers and fellow practitioners. All of this will be taking place in a strong and pure Qifield with potent information of wisdom, whether you’re attending in person or connecting virtually.

No matter where you are on this path, this retreat will take your growth to the next level.

This retreat will be taking place from the shores of Lake Rotorua in New Zealand.

We are excited to be able to offer an online option for those who cannot attend in-person and will be running a hybrid version of the online retreats of the last few years and a broadcast of the live program, which includes five sessions from 7am through to 8:30pm NZ time for Days 2-8 and half days on Days 1 and 9.  Tian Yuan, Di Yuan, Ren Yuan, Tong Yuan and Ling Yuan will all be taught. More details of the program will be available closer to the retreat.