Teacher Continuing Education

Teacher Continuing Education

Continuing Education for REN XUE Teachers

Hosted by REN XUE of the Americas
Institute of Noetic Sciences (NEW LOCATION!)
Petaluma, California, April 18th – 22nd

The Qifield is building and the planning is underway for Yuan Tze’s 2020 Continuing Education event! The year’s focus will be on how to teach Ren Yuan and the Theory of Shen and Yi from Level 2 Teachers’ Training.

All teachers qualified to teach Level 2 may attend. If you haven’t yet completed Level 2, visit Distance Professional Training Programme to find out how to sign up.

Event Details



For one year only, the teacher event will be held at the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California. Teachers have the opportunity to attend via live-streaming or in person.

As you decide how to attend, consider your goals and your preferred method of learning. Keep in mind that participating in a continuing education event is different than attending a retreat. At a retreat your primary focus is typically on Zi Du (helping yourself). You might choose to be silent, or even to rest during sessions. When you attend a continuing education event, your focus is on Du Ren (helping others). Learning how to help others requires a different level of engagement both during and in preparation for the event.

Pricing and Accommodations for Teachers

Prices indicated below are all-inclusive of on-site activities, covering the costs of accommodation, food and all instruction throughout the entire event. There are no dorms or camping options this year. We are offering a limited number of discounted beds for teachers who previously stayed in the dorms or are attending an RXA event for the first time, as well as limited commuter spaces for teachers who would like to sleep off-site. Please contact Jana Chamales for details, jana @ renxueamericas.org.

Double Room (with shared bath)
For two people, price is per person.
TEACHERS’ EVENT: $1,100 before January 31. $1,300 after January 31.

AWAKENING RETREAT: $1,950 before January 31. $2,150 after January 31.
TEACHERS’ EVENT plus AWAKENING RETREAT: $2,800 before January 31. $3,000 after January 31.

Single Room (with shared bath)
TEACHERS’ EVENT: $1,250 before January 31. $1450 after January 31

AWAKENING RETREAT: $2,250 before January 31. $2,450 after January 31.

TEACHERS’ EVENT plus AWAKENING RETREAT: $3,450 before January 31. $3650 after January 31.

Live Streaming

We also offer the option to stream one or both of the events. You can watch the sessions live or access the event via the Internet until the end of October 2020. Click here for more details about Live Streaming.

LIVE STREAM TEACHER CONTINUING EDUCATION, April 18-22: $300 before March 20. $350 after March 20

LIVE STREAM AWAKENING RETREAT, April 22-30: $400 before March 20. $450 after March 20

LIVE STREAM CONTINUING EDUCATION plus AWAKENING RETREAT from April 18-30: $500 before March 20. $600 after March 21

How prepare for Continuing Education

However you choose to attend, be ready to actively engage with the information and with one another. These are steps you can begin taking now to receive the most benefit from your participation:

  • Studying the Teacher Training materials on Ren Yuan, Tong Yuan, and the Theory of Shen and Yi
  • Committing to improve your personal understanding and practice of the methods
  • Attending a course offered by a REN XUE teacher

By preparing ahead of time, you are taking an active role to: 1) receive the most benefit from the experience, 2) positively contribute to the global teaching community’s Qifield, and 3) further your own growth and development as a REN XUE teacher.

Additional Continuing Education Details

We are continuing to refine our approach to Continuing Education. For example, the requirement for teachers to maintain their registered status is attending a 5-day Continuing Education event in-person or via live streaming each year.

Our hope is that teachers will also attend the public retreats. The value of attending includes:

  • Personal growth and development in a powerful Qifield
  • Deepening connections with other REN XUE practitioners
  • Applying what you’ve learned during Continuing Education
  • Keeping pace with the evolving Qifield for realization and wisdom

As we plan for the 2020 Continuing Education event, our aim is:

  • Focusing on realization and wisdom by incorporating the last three methods in 2020, 2021, and 2022 respectively
  • Supporting teachers who have completed the full 6-year teacher training while also meeting the needs of new teachers
  • Sharing more creative and innovative ways of teaching so teachers can help more students learn and apply REN XUE
  • Creating high-level resources and training to accompany each years’ Continuing Education topics

An example of a high-level resource is the newly developed, comprehensive instructional video series on teaching Ren Yuan. Soon after you register for the 2020 event, you will be given a link to the Year 2 Continuing Education Folder housed in the Teacher Library. Over the course of the year, we will provide attendees with additional resources matching the yearly Continuing Education topics.

The resources in the Continuing Education folders are reserved for those who attend a yearly event. All teachers will have access to basic Library materials supporting Zi Du, Du Ren, and teachers who choose not to continue their REN XUE education may purchase access to the folder. We will publish details on how to do so in a future Teacher Update. If you haven’t been receiving the Teacher Updates, which come out every few weeks and contain important information, please email Info@renxueinternational.org to add your name to the distribution list.

Whether you are contributing by teaching or by focusing primarily on Zi Du, your activities matter and have a tremendous influence on the global Qifield. Thank you for furthering the positive growth and development of REN XUE through your commitment to Zi Du, Du Ren.

We look forward to seeing you at GROWING AND DEVELOPING TOGETHER, Continuing Education for REN XUE Teachers.