Deep Dive Workshops for Yuan Qigong

REN XUE of the Americas (RXA) is offering a series of workshops as a part of its Online Courses. Each Deep Dive workshop focuses on a different aspect of the Yuan Qigong methods you have been learning to enhance your home practice, answer questions, and gain new insights. The online format brings you together with other practitioners and teachers to grow your practice and your Ren Xue community.

How it Works

Participate live from anywhere in the world or watch the recordings later. These online sessions are free to those who have registered for RXA Online Courses. Deep Dive registration invitations will be sent directly to your email for the Online Course(s) you have registered for. In your registration, you will have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time. The questions and the information you provide will help the teachers to tailor each session to fit the needs of the group. After the live sessions, the recordings will be available to view at your leisure.

Deep Dive Schedule & Teachers

Access to each workshop is based on the Online Learning course you have registered for. For example, if you registered for the Gathering Qi course, you will be invited to participate in each Deep Dive focused on this method. If you registered for all of the Yuan Qigong online courses, you will be invited to participate in all of the Deep Dive workshops.
The General Ren Xue workshops are topics that can be applied to all of the methods and will be available to all course participants.


General Ren Xue – Diana Lion

January 9

Gathering Qi (Tian Yuan) – Sylvie Jutras

February 13

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 1 – Bill McMillan

February 27

General Ren Xue – Munazza Bukhari

March 13

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 2 – Bill McMillan

March 27

Nourishing Qi (Di Yuan) – Carmen Dolz

April 3

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 3 – Sylvie Jutras

April 24

General Ren Xue – Simon Sangmeister

May 8

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 4 – Sylvie Jutras

May 22

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 5 – Stephanie Ross

June 12

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 6 – Stephanie Ross

July 10

Strengthening Organs (Xia Yuan) – Diana Lion

August 14

Moving Qi (Ren Yuan) Workshop Series Part 7 – Carmen Dolz

August 14

"Help yourself as if you are are helping other people. Help other people as if you are helping yourself."

–Yuan Tze

About the Deep Dive Program

A Message from Jana Chamales, Executive Director

Thank you so much for taking the time to be a part of the Deep Dive workshops!

This new program is designed to help build online communities and connect Ren Xue practitioners around the world. This means learning new technologies, coming up with new processes to organize teachers and students, and finding new ways to interact.  

As with anything new, there’s going to be some hiccups. We would greatly appreciate any feedback you have on your experience with the program. If you have questions or feedback, you can email me at Thank you!