Financial Assistance for Attending the Ren Xue of the Americas Teacher Training

Who is eligible for Financial Assistance?

People living in South, Central or North America who could not attend the RXA hosted Teacher Training without financial assistance (50% tuition discount).


Guidelines for applying

Equity is an important value of Ren Xue of the Americas. To be true to our mission of supporting REN XUE teachers throughout the Americas, the Financial Assistance fund was created by generous donors to provide access to the RXA hosted teacher training to people throughout South, Central and North America. These limited funds are intended to help those truly unable to attend the RXA hosted Teacher Training without financial support.

For the viability of the program, we ask that you refrain from using Financial Assistance if you have the necessary funds in the form of savings or if you can find other means of assistance through family or friends. It is not possible for us to make a true assessment of your needs because financial situations are complex. This is why we ask you to make that assessment for yourself.

Financial support

To make the program available to the widest-possible audience, we offer partial financial assistance where needed.