The Silence Within - Qigong and Mindfulness in Schools


In this video you will meet Yuan Qigong and REN XUE teacher Patrícia Santos Silva, who is introducing mindfulness and Yuan Qigong to preschool and elementary school students in Portugal.

Start learning Yuan Qigong

These simple mindfulness and Qigong practices are suitable for everyone, as they can be adapted to meet special needs. Students of all ages can benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from consistent practice. Try our Beginner’s Set to learn these safe and effective practices.

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Do you want to offer Yuan Qigong in your school?

If you are interested in offering Yuan Qigong in your school or if you are working with children and you would like to integrate mindfulness and meditation into your work, please get in touch with us. We have a global network of highly skilled teachers who can help support your project. If you are interested in teaching mindfulness and Yuan Qigong yourself, please check out our next teacher training opportunities. 

Qigong and Mindfulness at Schools