Being unable to forgive is one of the main sources of pain and suffering in life. In this state, life can be filled with anger, resentment, or even hatred. An inability to forgive creates invisible shackles that lock our Xin Ling, making it impossible to enjoy being in the moment and accessing the wisdom of our True Self. Learning to forgive in a true way can make an enormous difference in life and is essential to restoring a sense of peace and freedom.

True forgiveness is unconditional. However, this does not mean we condone everything and abandon good principles or responsibility. On the contrary, true forgiveness is the true way of following good principles and taking responsibility. When we connect with our Xin (heart) and use wisdom to understand a challenging situation, the process of true forgiveness happens naturally.

In this workshop, Yuan Tze will guide us through:

  • the meaning of true forgiveness,
  • the effects of being unable to forgive,
  • the changes forgiveness brings to life,
  • what makes it difficult to forgive, and
  • how to cultivate the Xin quality of forgiveness.

Are you ready to feel freer and gain a deeper sense of completion and wholeness?

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