The time is now

Unconditional Dreaming


Dear RXA Community,

We are in a transition year, moving from the foundation building stage of Ren Xue to the expansion stage. Yuan Tze recently said that we have moved beyond facing a crossroads – we are now at a critical moment for the future of humanity, with no time to lose.

We share in Yuan Tze’s belief that Ren Xue can help humanity. We invite you to dream unconditionally with us. By unconditionally we mean not to feel restricted by financial resources, human resources or any other limitations. What do you feel is the most effective way to introduce Ren Xue to the
most people in the next five years?

Within the next few months, we will put together a 5-year plan, which constitutes the first phase of a 20-year plan. Your input is vital – both to nourish the planning process and to contribute to the Qifield for the growth of Ren Xue in the Americas.

Please send your dreams to or fill out the form below no later than March 15th.


With love and gratitude,

Alex Emmerich, President
Jana Chamales, Executive Director
Sally Hinds, Advisor



Ren Xue of the Americas