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Course Bundle: Gathering Qi and Nourishing Qi



Learn how to gain energy with this ancient method



Restore harmony and balance with these special practices



Learn a special breathing technique to calm your mind



Connect with your inner resources and feel more stable

Your course will be conducted by Qigong Master Kelly, who teaches Yuan Qigong online and in trainings all across the globe.

  •  100 min video guidance and practice (downloadable to your device)
  • 5 hours audio guidance and practice
    (downloadable to your device)
  • Graphs and Diagrams with detailed explanations
  • Written preparations and detailed instructions for the movement and mind activity

Start your path towards inner peace right now!

Developed by world-renowned Qigong Master Yuan Tze

  • Served as member of the Chinese Qigong Science Research Association
  • World-renowned healer and teacher
  • Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong

Qigong has changed the lives of people like you!

Practicing Yuan Qigong has changed the lives of many people. Please listen to the experiences shared by Fraser (New Zealand) and Anke (Germany):

Fraser, New Zealand

Anke, Germany

Change your life with our Beginner Set

Beginner Set Course 1 "Gathering Qi" Outline:

Session 1: Getting started

  • Topic 1: About the Gathering Qi Method
  • Topic 2: The Six Verses Video
  • Topic 3: Useful Vocabulary
  • Topic 4: Instruction Video
  • Topic 5: Practice Audio

Session 2: Important Concepts

  • Topic 1: Features & Benefits of Gathering Qi
  • Topic 2: Sanjiao & Dantians
  • Topic 3: Qi & Qifields

Session 3: Diving into the Method

  • Topic 1: Practice Video
  • Topic 2: Detailed Explanation of the Movements
  • Topic 3: Audio Practice Guide

Session 4: Integrated Practice

  • Topic 1: A Longer Practice
  • Topic 2: How to Make Good Progress
  • Topic 3: For the Joy of it

Beginner Set Course 2 "Nourishing Qi" Outline:

Session 1: Getting started

  • Topic 1: About the Nourishing Qi Method
  • Topic 2: Useful Vocabulary
  • Topic 3: Dantians
  • Topic 4: Preparation and the Method
  • Topic 5: About Qi Review

Session 2: The Practice of Nourishing Qi

  • Topic 1: Features & Benefits 
  • Topic 2: The Six Verses
  • Topic 3: Nourishing Qi Practice Video
  • Topic 4: Detailed explanation of the movements
  • Topic 5: Short Audio Practice Guide

Session 3: Deepening the Practice

  • Topic 1: Longer Practice with Video
  • Topic 2: How to Make Good Progress
  • Topic 3:
    Supplement Movements
  • Topic 4: A Long Practice Guide with Audio

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