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Uplift yourself and help others

What is Ren Xue? 

This is the story of Ren Xue. It is a story for each of us and all of us. 

We are born with a life force – an energy for life that is free and untamed. Most likely, we have forgotten, but we only need to watch young children play to remember the boundless joy we once knew. As we grow, our life force gets channeled into serving worldly pursuits and is diminished - and often warped in the process. We forget our true nature. 

Ren Xue is a way to reclaim our true selves, to open our hearts to living fully. Through practicing Yuan Qigong and understanding the underlying theories of Ren Xue, we begin to look inward for happiness and fulfillment. We begin to live a relaxed, calm, harmonious life guided by our own, inherent wisdom.  We begin to know the meaning of our own life and to understand how we can contribute to a better future for the world.


Ren Xue - a path to realization and wisdom 

Ren Xue is ultimately a path to realization and wisdom. Many spiritual pathways support the notion that realization is a state reserved for the very few. It is often described as an almost impossible task - with success rarer than “the feathers of a phoenix”. Ren Xue posits that reaching enlightenment is the inherent birthright of every human being.  Having had to overcome many difficulties during his own transformation, Ren Xue’s founder, Yuan Tze, has dedicated his life to constructing a clearer, well-defined, and progressive pathway, accessible to all. While Ren Xue leads towards realization and wisdom, the learning itself is rewarding. Among the early benefits of a Ren Xue practice are improved health, better relationships, and a deep and sense of well-being.  

Cultivating Life - what does that mean?

If you choose to participate, you will come across ideas which at first may seem new but are also somehow fundamentally familiar. For instance, Yuan Tze often talks about “cultivating life”. At first, the phrase may seem a bit strange, but it means exactly what it says. In the same way that a gardener nourishes a seed and helps the fledging sprout to grow, we can nourish our own lives. ‘Cultivating’ our life begins by going inward, caring for, and paying attention to the growth of our own life force, our own wellbeing. 

Similarly, ‘uplifting life’ simply means to raise the level we live life on – to physically, emotionally, and spiritually elevate our existence and that of those around us. Instead of chasing ultimately unsatisfying possessions of wealth or status, the focus is on that which will bring us to real freedom. 


Chinese wisdom culture as a foundation of Ren Xue

Chinese wisdom culture (Daoism, Confucianism, traditional Chinese medicine and more), is foundational to Ren Xue. What they share, and what they bring to Ren Xue, is the inward focus and the acknowledgement of the power of deep, quiet self-investigation to enable clearer seeing and action.  To that, Yuan Tze incorporates his own learning as a man steeped in science as well as wisdom culture. 

In his early years, Yuan Tze lived a life like that of many others, facing the same challenges that a confused or ignorant human ego leads to. As his personal growth in wisdom grew, so did  the realization that helping himself to a better life was inexorably tied to helping others to do the same. In Ren Xue, this notion is expressed as ‘Zi Du Du Ren’ - helping ourselves = helping others. The world is not the fragmented place we have come to perceive it as. As we reclaim our true nature, we come to know it as a totality and the difference between others, the world, and ourselves simply evaporates. 

As each person grows in wisdom, the world we inhabit is equally healed - a process that has become very important, even critical, in recent times. In its twenty years of existence, many people the world over have begun the journey with Ren Xue. The world is in dire need of change. Until humanity truly wakes up, we will continue contributing to its malaise. 

Ren Xue’s progress is a living process supported by the growth in wisdom of its practitioners. It is our hope that many more will join us. Together we can contribute to uplifting humanity as a whole and to healing of our fractured world. 

We invite you to continue to explore Ren Xue’s story. It is a story for the world. We hope it will become yours as well.