Workshop: Living from the Heart – Learn to Cherish

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Comprising six one-day workshops, Yuan Tze will help you dispel the unintentional ignorance that prevents us from accessing the treasures of the True Self and the wisdom that lies within.

For each of us, the true way to create a better life is to uplift ourselves by making real change and developing realization. In doing so, our wisdom will grow and create a stronger foundation for how we live. Your True Self is a reservoir holding infinite wisdom—wisdom that is essential to attaining a better life because it enables us to clear the root cause of our problems and live a truly healthy and meaningful life.

Yuan Tze will help us deepen our work on Xin Ling (the heart consciousness), through the practice of connecting with and applying the five essential qualities of the heart to life: Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude, and Gongjing. When our Xin Ling is in a whole and natural state, we can reach our True Self.

Price: NZ$60 for each one-day workshop

Click here to get the replay of the complete Living from the Heart series.

​Workshop 3: Living from the Heart. Learn to cherish and find gratitude

Everything we have experienced and received, either in the past or in the future, has a special meaning and value and, therefore, is worth being treated as such. However, this may not seem that straightforward to many people, and it is not always that easy to do so unconditionally.

In life, when we fail to cherish what we have, loss or even damage can ensue. We all know how important gratitude is, but often it is missing from our heart; we seem to lose it more easily than we think. The ability to cherish unconditionally is a good way to build the foundation for the cultivation and manifestation of true gratitude.

In this workshop, Yuan Tze will guide you through:

  • the consequences when our Xin Ling is unable to cherish,
  • the meaning of cherishing from the perspective of Five Xin cultivation and life,
  • the connection between cherishing and our happiness and sense of wellbeing,
  • the connection between being unable to cherish and taking things for granted, and
  • how to cultivate the Xin quality of cherishing.

Are you ready to experience a more profound feeling of gratitude?

Click here to get the replay of the complete Living from the Heart series.

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