How to start Qigong


How to start Qigong is a good question. And why does a person decide to begin a Qigong practice?

There are lots of catalysts but mine was a feeling of desperation? I was at a place in my life that was beyond just being uncomfortable…it was slowly killing me. I was scared of every move I made, every breath I took and everything I touched. The only solution I knew at the time was to hide away at home and barely leave the house for almost a year (dropping 30 pounds along the way, purely out of fear). I knew what triggered the upset, but I didn’t know how to reverse it. I was a mess.

One day a friend suggested I join her for a weekend workshop with a Qigong Master she’d been working with. After grappling with the idea, I decided I had nothing to lose and held her hand as I ventured out, doubting the outcome but driven by desire.


How does Qigong Practice make you feel?

By the end of the first day I already felt lighter and was excited to come back. It was the beginning of my healing and the start of a whole new way of life for me. What I came away with that first weekend was a clear message that I needed to upgrade my sense of self if I wanted the full benefits of this wonderful tool I was learning. At first, the main thing I needed to look at was the question:  how disciplined and serious was I about entering into something so foreign to me at a time when I needed security? When I began to feel the effects of the weekend wearing off a few days later, my motivation was heightened. I realized that if I wanted this to work for me I had to put in some effort. Desire alone wasn’t going to be enough.

I found a local teacher, over the next few months I also realized I needed not only to learn the new forms and theories, but also to delve deeper into what was holding me back from being fully dedicated, focused, patient, open to and trusting in what I was practicing.

There were a lot of tools I picked up along the way that helped me stay on track.

I created practice groups with fellow students, participated in online courses including free Deep Dive workshops where you can ask questions and connect to a global Qigong community. I read books and watched films relating to Qi and Qigong. Devoting myself as best I could and applying what I learned helped me gradually return to a place of inner balance. I was convinced.


Qigong for Beginners: How to get started with Qigong

The Qigong form I practice is called Yuan Qigong.  It’s part of Ren Xue - a system of theories, teachings and practices focused on uplifting life to make positive change.  If you’re interested in exploring ways to get into a more calm, relaxed and harmonious state, here are some options to get started in Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong:

  • Read this extraordinary Qigong book: Wellbeing Begins with You by creator of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong, Yuan Tze. He makes complex, fundamental concepts of Qi and its association with health and happiness accessible and simple.
  • Take a Yuan Qigong class: Join an Online Course or find a certified teacher
  • Participate in a live retreat with world-renowned Qigong master Yuan Tze


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