Yuan Tze Events

Connect with the Ren Xue Community

Live events with Yuan Tze, whether online or in person, offer special opportunities to connect – with the REN XUE community, with Yuan Tze, and, ultimately, with your own learning process.

Roughly six times per year, Yuan Tze conducts 1-day workshop to expand and deepen our understanding of various aspects of Ren Xue. In 2021, the workshops focus on Living from the Heart. Participating in the live events is quite special.

Yuan Tze also leads two nine-day retreats each year.
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Please note: Due to the time difference between New Zealand and the Americas, events advertised on the Ren Xue International website will take place one day earlier in the Americas.

Yuan Gong At-Home Learning is a complete program to get you started on your Yuan Gong practice or to deepen an existing practice.

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