Online Learning

Yuan Gong Online Learning is a complete program to get you started on your Yuan Gong practice or to deepen an existing practice.

Seven Online Learning Guides contain pdfs and audio and/or video files to fully explain and/or demonstrate each method and its underlying concepts.


Reading Yuan Tze’s teachings is an excellent way to give yourself a solid foundation for practice. These two books explore the Ren Xue philosophy and provide examples of how the teachings can be brought to life.

“My role is to pass on to others the treasures I have acquired.”
– Yuan Tze

Wellbeing Begins with You

Use Your Inner Resources to Heal Your Body and Your Life

This book presents Yuan Tze’s teachings on healing. Anyone who sincerely wants to bring change to his or her life can benefit regardless of their familiarity with Ren Xue. Although written in an informal style, the teachings are comprehensive and have great depth.

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Voyage to the Shore

An Invitation to Enhance Your Health and Develop Your Life (Part 3)

This is the translation of Yuan Tze’s lectures from several retreats. It provides an ocean of information essential for well-being, addressing questions at the heart not only of the human condition, but also of our very existence in the universe.

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Demonstration Videos

These videos are only for demonstration of the practice. They are not a learning tool. Proper instructions from qualified teachers and/or Online Learning are essential for accurate and effective practice of Yuan Gong.

Video No. 1: Tian Yuan & Di Yuan

Called “Energy Gathering” and “Nourishing Energy” in the At-Home Learning program

This Demonstration DVD uses the soundtrack from Yuan Gong practice MP3 audio No. 2. It consists of Tian Yuan (method 1) and Di Yuan (method 2) standing form (6 minutes at Lower Dantian, 3 minutes at Middle Dantian and 3 minutes at Upper Dantian).

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Video No. 2: Ren Yuan

Called “Bring It Deeper” in the At-Home Learning program

This video uses the soundtrack from Yuan Gong practice MP3 audio No. 19. It consists of Ren Yuan (method 3) which is designed to improve Qi in the channels. Sustained practice can strengthen the physical body and improve overall health.

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Video No. 3: Xia Yuan

Called “Strengthen Organs” in the At-Home Learning program

This video uses the soundtrack from Yuan Gong practice MP3 audio No. 20. It consists of Xia Yuan (method 4) which is designed to improve organ Qi. Sustained practice can improve the health of the organs.

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Sample Video: Pulling Qi

Pulling Qi follows the fundamental movements of nature and the universe: open/close, gather/disperse, transform.

Sample Video: Dantian Breathing

Learn this simple tool for focusing the mind, calming the nervous system and unifying body, mind and Qi.

You may find additional videos on our Youtube channel.

MP3 Audio Downloads

We offer mp3’s of varying lengths to assist your practice. Click below to see what we have to offer for the methods you are interested in. We also have a box set which includes all 16 practice combinations for Tian Yuan and Di Yuan, the first and second methods.