About Ren Xue

The Ren Xue High Five

Simply put, Ren Xue leads to a better life. For many, our lives have lost the innocence and joy we were born with. Ren Xue provides many paths to reclaim that innocence: some are more physical, others more emotionally or intellectually- based. Although the approaches vary, they all lead to one or more of life’s Five Treasures, the Ren Xue High Five.

Health, happiness, and sense of wellbeing are often the first treasures along the Ren Xue pathway. Even a beginning Yuan Qigong practice can initiate important, positive changes in the body. A consistent Yuan Qigong practice lessens anxiety while increasing inner calm and stability. These changes have far-reaching effects on our moods, our relationships with friends and family, and with the world around us.

Those who prefer a less physical approach can begin with Yuan Qigong's method for opening the heart, or by attending one of Ren Xue founder's online or in-person events.

As a Ren Xue practice develops and deepens, we gain tools for opening our hearts to ourselves and to the world. Mental clarity and the ability to focus improve. We better understand our thought patterns and can begin to change those that do not promote a harmonious life.

The last treasures on the pathway are growth and contribution. What began as a perhaps selfish desire to “get more happiness” for me (!) ripens until we understand the meaning of Zi Du, Du Ren, lift up ourselves, lift up others.

In truth, each of the treasures of the High Five is naturally found within each and every one of us. The Ren Xue pathway simply leads us home to them.

The Gateway to the Treasures: the Heart

Cultivating the heart qualities provides a gateway to the Ren Xue High Five.


In Ren Xue, trust refers to many things: trust in ourselves, in our body’s ability to heal, trust in others and trust in the wisdom of the universe. Trust helps us build healthy relationships with others by breaking down the barriers between people and increasing understanding and connectedness. When we face challenges in life, trust helps us remain in a positive state. Trust allows us to develop our full potential, and we live in a state in which it’s easier to heal ourselves.

Trust is the key that opens the door to all the other essential qualities of the heart.


Openness allows Qi and information to flow freely. Like trust, it is an essential quality for healthy relationships. It allows us to see ourselves honestly and clearly and be at ease with what we see. When the heart and consciousness are open, they unify and connecting with self and others becomes easier. Openness accompanied by a healthy state (one that is unified, positive, calm, relaxed and natural) creates a positive cycle: maintaining a healthy state contributes to more openness, and openness, in turn, enables a healthy state. Connecting with nature and practicing Yuan Gong methods help develop openness by supporting our connection with universal Qi.

All facets of openness rest on a foundation of trust.


Love is the natural state for human beings. Totally unconditional, true love is the expression of the true self and a pure heart. It connects us with ourselves and with others in a most intimate way. It motivates us to cultivate our deepest natural qualities and accept responsibility in our interactions with others. It is an important source of the power and strength needed for living a meaningful life.

Love is a quality that can be cultivated and deepened.


When we are aware that our individual lives are interwoven with the entire external world, we are able to experience gratitude. Gratitude is an essential part of human life. A heart filled with gratitude makes our lives happier, more positive and lighter. Gratitude leaves nothing out: it extends to others, to animate and inanimate objects, to ourselves and to our bodies. Focusing on gratitude by connecting our hearts with what we’re grateful for helps us weather challenges and enables us to see the benefits hiding within apparently difficult experiences.

Gratitude shifts our perspective so we perceive our connection with everything around us.


Gongjing is the complex heart quality that embodies trust, openness, love, gratitude and other qualities, such as true respect and humility. When we feel genuine respect for ourselves, we can connect with respect for others. When we have true respect, an authentic sense of trust and openness is possible. In turn, our hearts open to love and gratitude. This cycle connects us to a pure and sincere humility arising from a calm state deep in the heart. All these interwoven qualities are integral to Gongjing. As Gongjing develops, it enables a unified life by taking the focus off the fragmented “me” and dissolving the distinctions between the internal and external. The deeper our Gongjing, the more inner strength we generate.

Gongjing arises from a true understanding that everything is a manifestation of the laws of the universe (Dao) and it helps us hold everyone and everything as equal, valuable, and part of the whole.

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