The Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong

The Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue is a fundamental base for understanding the laws of the universe and realizing our true potential as human beings.

Wisdom cultures, as well as the past 100 years of quantum science’s search for a unified field theory, point to the presence of a fundamental ‘field of information and energy’ from which all things in the Universe arise and fall.

Both also support the idea that ‘Oneness’ is nearer to the objective reality of the Universe than the fragmented world we perceive. The ‘field of information and energy’ behaves in a ‘relational’ way, since everything appears to be connected and elements have been demonstrated to be surprisingly responsive across the equivalent of vast distances. The conventional laws of space and time collapse within this ‘field’ and there are countless reports throughout history of how thoughts and intention appear to influence subjective experience in sometimes significant ways.

​Realizing our True Potential as Human Beings

Within Yuan Qigong, we are encouraged to cultivate the state of Integration and Unification. Doing so is an essential step in the process of ultimately realizing the True Self. Realizing the True Self is the surest way to end the subjective experience of suffering as well as to uplift humanity from its current trajectory.

It’s helpful to keep the above ‘unified field of information and energy’ in the back of our minds because, when we focus on integrating and unifying with any ‘other’ (a person, a thing, the whole of Nature, an internal feeling, our body, our inner Wisdom guidance, or a situation), we align ourselves with the relational nature of the Universe. We may be making a conscious choice in any moment to only relate with a single element of the unified field, however, by definition the ‘oneness of all’ places us in relationship with the entire field of Totality. This has enormous implications that may take us a lifetime (or many) to fully investigate. Along the way, we are sure to increasingly realize our true human potential.

In this video the world-renowned teacher Yuan Tze, founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong, describes his personal experience of Totality.

The Power of Oneness

The great masters of Qi practices are relatively far along the path of realizing true human potential. Among other markers of mastery, they often manifest special abilities that enable them to sense the world around in extraordinary ways. A result of this is that they consistently speak of the unambiguous experience of all things being One. They also demonstrate how being stable in an ‘integrated and unified’ state, both internally (body, mind, heart, spirit, and Qi) and externally (with the unified field of Totality) supports their ability to influence how elements of the Universe emerge from, transform, and dissolve back into the ‘field’. They can then apply this to improve life for all, for instance, healing disease in humans and nature, enhancing agriculture by elevating the health and abundance of crops, foreseeing trajectories for individuals, communities, or the world,  guiding a wise path through challenges, influencing events in the direction of greater harmony, and much more.

Integration and Unification in Qigong

When Oneness is no longer just a concept, our worldview naturally shifts towards a deep motivation to uplift others from their presently limited perspective of life. Every moment is then a relational cycle of giving and receiving with All, through integration and unification.

Until then, however, we must accept that the human mind has become so dominant in our striving for survival, it has to be the protagonist of any decision to integrate or ‘become one with’. The impulse may indeed occasionally come from the heart or the body in their asking for attentive care or hearing another’s call for care, but in a wisdom cultivation practice, ‘integration and unification’ needs to be a regular, conscious decision. (The word decision comes from the Latin ‘decidere’ which comes from two words meaning ‘to cut off’. So, when making a ‘decision’, we cut off all other options, focusing attention exclusively in that direction).

Integrating and unifying begins with such a decision and within the life cultivation system Ren Xue, each of the nine Yuan Qigong methods supports the precursor states of being relaxed, calm, and natural, which are necessary for us to also open from the heart. These practices allow mental resistance towards integration and unification to dissolve. Ren Xue also fosters an understanding of a beneficent Universe and a True Self that is invulnerable and eternal. These are additional antidotes to the mental terror of integrating and unifying with elements of a world perceived to be threatening. 

The Theory of Totality in Ren Xue

How to practice Integration and Unification

  • Unify with the body to experience profound peace and joy
  • Unify with Qifields. Immerse yourself in positive, uplifting information and transform negative Qifields into healthier ones.
  • Practice the internal states of being relaxed, calm, and natural to amplify the presence and stability of a unified state.
  • Try experiencing pain in a different way - instead of resisting and fighting, drop in as if pain were a deep pool. It almost always recedes or disappears.
  • Deal with fear by moving towards it with full consciousness and unifying with it; it will diminish.
  • For external ‘things’ in the world that cause profound longing and desire, try unifying with them inside your heart. Suddenly you ‘already have them’ and they can be treasured inside.
  • In situations of conflict or disharmony - open to Unify with the True Self and Heart of the ‘opponent’; speak gently from there what your true heart intends. Harmony is often miraculously restored.

Learn more about the Theory of Totality in Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue. Take your first steps towards this journey, join us for a practice and experience what integration and unification can truly mean for your own life.

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