Qigong near me

So, you’re interested in Qigong but unsure what it is or how to sort the results when searching ‘Qigong near me?’ Not to worry. This article demystifies ‘Qigong near me.’ You’ll learn how to find the right system and teacher to suit your body and lifestyle so that you can attain the health, emotional, spirit, and consciousness benefits you’re seeking.

What is Qigong

Qigong is a healing art. It has been used by millions of people over thousands of years and is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In a practice, body movement, breathing techniques, sound, meditation, and mind activity are used to directly work on Qi – our energy, or life force.

Qigong near me

Qigong near me - what to consider

What benefits do I want from Qigong?

Some Qigong systems focus on the body and Qi with the goal of improving physical health. Others such as Yuan Qigong, also include development of the spiritual heart and uplifting the whole of life. If practiced with an internal focus, most established systems should help you develop inner focus and emotional stability. Qigong should help you develop a relaxed, calm, and natural state so you feel better and heal well.

What level of physical movement am I capable of?

It is important to find a beginner class so that you begin safely and comfortably, feel inspired, and are able to grow your practice over time. Ask the teacher if there are modifications available to accommodate any physical conditions or concerns. Check with your healthcare practitioner that these will be safe for you and always practice according to your own condition.

How long will it take to learn the Qigong method? 

There is a wide variety of complexity among the different Qigong systems. Some require years of memorizing complex movement sequences and others are simple and easy to learn.

What do the teacher and community offer to support my practice and learning? 

Check the schedule to see what times, dates, locations, and levels are available. Are there supports such as videos or audios to help you continue your practice at home? If you can, check out different teachers and see how you feel with the class members. How does the community feel? Is the environment calm and relaxing?

What are the teacher’s qualifications and experience? 

As a student, you have the right to know about your teacher’s background. Are they certified and at what level? How long have they been teaching and do they specialize in particular areas such as back pain, cancer, anxiety, trauma, seniors, or children? The center and its teachers should be willing to openly provide you with this information.

How to start learning Qigong

Once you’ve found a Qigong class it’s time to try it out. Be sure to wear comfortable clothes you can move freely in, bring a bottle of water, and check to see whether you need to bring your own mat, blanket, or cushion. How do the movements feel? How do you feel after class? Are you able to take what you’ve learned home so you can develop a regular practice to maximize the benefits? Beginning incrementally with short practices and extending your practice over time will help you grow with the practice safely and develop a practice habit in a way that feels enjoyable. You are more likely to continue when you enjoy the process!

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Yuan Qigong near me

Yuan Qigong is a contemporary Qigong system that is simple to learn so that you can begin with ease. It begins with soft, flowing, relaxing movements. It is part of the comprehensive Ren Xue system which helps people get to know themselves, better understand the universe, and experience the immense power of a truly open heart. Its ultimate goal is to bring harmony to oneself, others, and the world through self-realization.

The nine levels of Yuan Qigong work incrementally. The first four methods are mostly moving forms that work on the body and Qi at progressively deeper levels. They can bring you a lot of healing benefits in a relatively short time. The next four methods are still forms that build to the level of working specifically on developing the heart and replacing unhealthy patterns of the consciousness. The ninth method rests on the foundation of the previous methods. This is a unique and advanced Qigong method of observation from Shen (the True Self) practiced throughout the day in order to bring comprehensive change and an ability to develop a wisdom-guided life.

You can learn the methods directly from a certified Yuan Qigong teacher, at our retreats, or online at our At Home Learning center. Audios, videos, books, and handouts are available to support your home practice.

Yuan Qigong teachers near me

There are more than 600 teachers and teachers in training in over 30 countries. They have a wide diversity of life experience, teaching experience, styles, and classes both online and in-person. You can search the teacher directory to find a teacher most suited to your needs and preferred language. You may also search for trauma-sensitive teachers.

Yuan Qigong teachers are highly trained. This is a big factor in differentiating Yuan Qigong from other forms. Teachers are tested within each of six levels. They are expected to apply and model the Ren Xue teachings in their own life and have agreed to uphold a teachers’ code of conduct. The teacher training system includes comprehensive theory, practice, and lessons. It incorporates Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine theory in addition to the Yuan Ming healing modality. The international organization provides opportunities for professional development beyond initial certification and accountability through the Norms and Ethics Committee and Mental Health Guidance Team. 

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How to find a Qigong community near me

Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong have a vibrant global community. From retreats, online workshops, local and online practice groups to discussions and social gatherings, it’s possible to connect with a like-minded community willing to support each other’s growth, development, and life. Life-long friendships form in our Ren Xue family. Practitioners and teachers have the opportunity to receive teaching and heart transmissions directly from Yuan Tze – the founder and creator of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong.

Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue resources

You’ll find an abundance of information about Yuan Qigong with many inspiring and supporting personal stories on Ren Xue TV, in our QiBlog and within the book Wellbeing Begins with You written by Yuan Qigong’s founder Yuan Tze. In the Facebook group, you can connect with and be supported by fellow practitioners, ask your questions and share your experiences.

Can I teach Yuan Qigong to myself? 

Yes! Check out the At Home Learning program so you can learn in your own time at your own pace. You can always connect to teachers and have one-on-one sessions online too, or practice online together with a global community.

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I teach Deep Dives and one-to-one sessions for RXA; publish life-cultivation articles and poetry internationally; facilitate online workshops and Qi Writing circles; and mentor individuals seeking guidance on their quest for life transformation and higher levels of consciousness. Living a Ren Xue life has had a profound impact on how I am, how I’ve raised my children, and how I view living in this world.

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