Any Given Moment - A new documentary about Norberto

Any Given Moment is the miraculous story of Norberto Rodrigues, a young Portuguese man who took up ancient mind-body practices in a last-ditch effort to heal a totally debilitating back injury. We see how he used his practice and his relationship with Yuan Tze, a Chinese teacher, to heal himself. But that was just the beginning. Because of Norberto’s dedication and tenacity, he found himself not only healed from back pain, but also taken on a voyage of inner transformation and awakening to true freedom. 

This film is both personal and profound and an invitation to each of us for healing.

Cast and Crew

Director: Kim Shelton

Producer: Sally Hinds

Cinematographer: Vicente Franco

Editor: Bill Weber

Sound: Copi Figueirdo


Runtime: 57 minutes



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Any Given Moment