The Nine Methods of Yuan Qigong

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We currently offer five of the nine Yuan Qigong methods through At Home Learning. Methods 1 through 4 address various aspects of Qi in the body. You’ll learn to recognize Qi and its movements and will begin to change your focus from external to internal, both in stillness and movement. Methods 5 & 6 open channels in the body and are available only as teacher-guided practices. The final three methods transform the heart and mind. Method 7 explores and deepens the qualities of Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude and True Respect in the heart of each of us. We are currently working on posting methods 8 (coming soon!) and 9 (to follow later).

Please note that a Yuan Qigong practice has significant effects on Qi. Practicing Yuan Qigong at the same time as other forms of Qigong may result in Qi disturbance – potentially causing harm to physical or mental health and well-being. If you choose to adopt a Yuan Qigong practice, please discontinue the practice of any other style of Qigong.

TIAN YUAN | Gathering Qi

Begin the journey towards a better life by enhancing the quality, quantity and flow of Qi. Build an internal awareness that fosters a feeling of connection with all things – nature, life, and the universe.


DI YUAN | Nourishing Qi

Learn to relax into a calm, natural state and turn the focus inward through a quiet practice of graceful postures. Feel grounded in oneself, at ease.


REN YUAN | Moving Qi

Active and invigorating, Moving Qi stretches the body from head to toe and cultivates a clear mind, and a lively awareness.


XIA YUAN | Strengthening Organs

Explore connections between sound, color, postures and the organs and improve health and emotional wellbeing.


ZHONG YUAN & SHANG YUAN Circulating Qi & Opening the Central Channel

Discover Yuan Qigong’s ultimate methods for changing, developing and strengthening the body and Qi. Under the guidance of a teacher, open the Qi channels and uplift life comprehensively.


TONG YUAN | Opening the Heart

Allow yourself to be fully open and accepting. Deepen Trust, Openness, Love, Gratitude & True Respect.


Courses available from REN XUE teachers:

REN XUE Parenting

With Dorrie van Roij-Houtappels

This course is especially designed for Parents, Caregivers and future Parents who are new to life development. In a fluid and approachable way you will learn tools to help with your parenting.