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Stories about Cultivating Healthy Patterns

Changing Thought Patterns
I noticed that the thing I said to myself most frequently was: ‘I am so tired.’ This came out of my mouth at least a few times each day. I always anticipated feeling tired, and focused my mind on my tiredness.

From Ren Xue, I learned how powerful thoughts can be, and that they can even determine our health condition. I started to watch my thoughts.  I stopped saying ‘I am tired’ to myself. Instead, I saw myself as healthy and I told myself so. I took my focus away from the problem and tried not to worry, even when I did feel tired.

My sleep started to improve, and for the first time in many years I could sleep through the night.  In a few months the tiredness lifted.  The problem that had haunted me for more than ten years finally left me.

-  M.K. New Zealand

Transforming Fear
Fear used to be a very present part of my life. I used so much energy convincing myself, and others, that I was courageous, a bundle of energy, and had no fear!

At 18 I started to travel the world by myself. I was missing something and I was looking for it: Iceland, India, Australia, Europe, Asia, USA, Morocco. I was always searching for new ways to be happy – extreme sports, falling in love over and over again, spending time in monasteries and meditation camps, learning one new thing after another. By the age of 32 I was pretty unhealthy in body and mind, in pain, constantly tired and without any lust for life. I felt useless and saw no true purpose in my life.

I met Yuan Tze and he told me to ‘face my fears’, to ‘stop running away.’ I began to realize that everything in my life had been connected to my fears: my actions reactions, feelings, behavior, and relationships. I was scared because I had not known anything truly important about myself, about my own life – where do I come from, where do I go, who am I, what am I? Why is life filled with sadness and pain?

It definitely wasn’t overnight that I got rid of fear, and I know this process won’t be finished ever. Nevertheless, after only six years I am no longer unhappy, nor angry, nor in pain, nor sad, nor abused, nor a victim, nor hopeless, nor helpless, nor lonely.

I still have to work on and adjust my state on a moment-to-moment basis to be happy, to feel light and truly free, for the patterns I have inserted and exchanged for the old patterns of fear are new and need to be tended well and strengthened. But I have knowledge and tools that I can use to further establish these new patterns. I am very clear on my reason to live, the purpose of my life.

- A.H. Austria

Stories about Healing

From a Practitioner who had Chronic Illness
A variety of life circumstances led to my developing chronic Lyme disease and chronic pain. After living with these conditions for many years I eventually spent over three years mostly bedridden. I had lived with severe migraines since childhood. As time went on, I developed all-over body pain, brain fog, and virtually no energy or strength. The lightest whiff of any scented product would trigger a migraine. I had seen many excellent health practitioners (western and alternative) however nothing had helped me regain my health. Desperation led me to study Qigong with Yuan Tze, and to embrace the Ren Xue path he teaches. This particular Qigong along with Ren Xue led to healing myself on more levels than I'd ever imagined possible.

After a lot of Qigong and Ren Xue practice, my health today is restored. I have balanced energy, and don't suffer from migraines or chemical sensitivities. Various unhealthy patterns of my consciousness and behavior have shifted significantly, including my capacity to meet challenges that arise with more grace and balance. Aging is unfolding naturally. My life is being transformed by the gifts of practicing Yuan Gong and Ren Xue. I’m living with a greater sense of peace and joy overall, even when there’s no specific external reason. I sleep better, and no longer live with depression. I am generally more present in my life and experience it with more internal presence, lightness and ease. Gradually life is transforming into a wiser more joyous journey. As my own path continues to unfold, I am delighted to use what I'm learning to help others. I am so grateful!

  - D.L. USA

From a Practitioner who had Declining Health
When I came to Ren Xue and Qigong I was in a really poor state, though I didn’t realize it at the time. My health on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual had been slowly going down step by step over a very long period of time. I was exhausted all the time, my relationships with those I loved most were in a mess and I was often angry. The situation had arisen mostly because I was focusing on the external, to the complete detriment of what was going on inside me.   Turning my life around and changing to a more internal focus has required much discipline, with regular practice of Qigong methods, a focused consciousness to identify my patterns, and steady effort to change them to more positive ones.

It’s 10 years since I started the practice of Ren Xue and Qigong. For the most part I have my health back, and am happier on an everyday basis than I have ever been before. I am mostly free of stress and worry. I don’t overwork, and can say ‘no’ when I need to. My relationship with myself is great, and I don’t have to go outside myself to find the good. I know now that it comes from the inside, and as such is reflected to the outside, so life just gets better and better.

 - J.H. New Zealand

From a Practitioner with Crohn’s Disease
I began doing regular Qigong practice and started to notice a difference in myself in a short time. Applying the Ren Xue theories to my life, I came to see that my gut problems were closely related to the patterns of stress, fear and worry that I had developed early in life.  I started to look at these patterns more closely – how they had come to be, how they were affecting my life, and what I could do to change them. I saw that I had all the tools to change a negative situation into a positive one.

Working on my patterns and dedicated practice of Qigong has led to real change in my life. I have become a lot more relaxed, and my communication has improved. I can feel relaxed and in touch with myself. And my physical health has changed so much too. I have not been on any medication for several years and at my last scan there was no evidence of any problem!

  - K.G. New Zealand

Stories about Changing Perceptions

From a Scientist
The changes kept coming. The fragments of truth I had gathered in my busy life had always felt disconnected and not that useful. I knew stuff, but what was it for? Ren Xue was now weaving them together, creating a more harmonious understanding of life.

Even though I am the only one at home connecting with Ren Xue, the changes I experience affect everyone. Tensions, when they arise dissipate faster […] our thoughts about life are more connected and can even coincide as if we were moving along together. Home is a happy place.

- S.G. Canada

From a Dedicated Qigong Practitioner who Began to Study Ren Xue
What is always necessary for Qigong practice to be effective is to have a basic understanding of the mind, Qi and the Qifield, and to use them properly. The ability to build my own Qifield is essential to the improvement of my daily life. Even more important is working on all levels of life, especially the consciousness level.

If we just practice without changing our unhealthy patterns, emotional disruption and unhealthy lifestyle, we will easily dissipate the Qi we have gathered. By changing my patterns I have become calmer and more relaxed, joyful, and more efficient. As I use Ren Xue to work on my life in a comprehensive way, my qigong practice becomes more effective. It truly has improved my health and my life as a whole is uplifted.

-  A.N. Sweden

From Someone Experiencing Joy
Yuan Gong brings the teachings of Ren Xue more alive, bringing a deeper connection between the practice, the theories, and life cultivation. Yuan Gong has brought such a lightness and ease to the process of letting go; a letting go of the push and the struggle and the control. When we let go of fear, healing/change happens naturally and easefully.

For me, joy represents the ability to transform life, to take the initiative by changing the way I see things, to focus on the positive and have a deeper sense of gratitude and openness to what is. This change allows me to be open to learn from everything and so creates the opportunity to turn all situations into something nourishing. An immense level of joy and deep sense of wellbeing continues to grow in my life by following this path.

-  N.M. New Zealand

From a Woman with Memory Problems After Head Injuries
I loved practicing Yuan Gong from day one. It ebbs and flows gracefully and it was like doing a dance every morning. The connection achieved with the mind body and universe is indescribable.

But there’s more! I began to notice my clarity of mind; my recall was improving. I could remember my credit card number. Wow, I hadn’t been able to do this for years. I began to relax into letting my body heal as I practiced, giving Qi free reign. I decided I wanted my memory back. I thought this would take years, but it hasn’t.

I experienced a huge shift in my practice. Previously when I tried to learn each line, it just went in and out of my head. There was no connection to the information. Now it’s all connected and easier to learn. It’s amazing when I think back to how I couldn’t do that before.

-  V.S. New Zealand

Stories from Retreat Attendees

From a Participant with Severe Knee Problems
My intention for my first retreat was to be as open as possible to whatever might unfold. I was scheduled for a full knee replacement three weeks after the end of the retreat. I thought that at the very least Qigong and the teachings would be helpful in the healing process after the surgery.

What happened however was a real surprise. After months of sustained and often quite debilitating pain, from the moment I arrived at the retreat center I felt no pain in the knee. I learned the forms and was often on my feet for an hour or longer and felt no pain standing. Squats were a total surprise. Again no pain.

I had a difficult time at first accepting that there was a connection, but it became obvious over the two weeks that the Qifield and group energy, along with Yuan Tze’s teachings, were having a profound effect on me. This has changed my life. I cancelled the surgery the day after I got home, and now have the pleasure of working with both my mind and my body in a totally positive and accepting way. This is a profoundly different way to look at the world and my place in it.

- B.M. USA

From a Medical Doctor Determined to Heal
Before going to a Ren Xue retreat, I noticed a large, hard lump on my forehead. It didn’t feel right to me, judging from my medical training. I decided not to have it investigated and to try to heal it.

I started to do Qi therapy by sending Qi with positive healing information to my skin such as “my skin is totally healthy” and  “all cells of my skin are healthy”. When I arrived at the retreat, there was already a strong healing Qifield, and I felt a lot of trust in the healing information. I kept sending Qi and healing information to my skin and by the end of the first week the lump had reduced to half its original size. On the last day of the retreat, there was a tiny bit left. I sent the information “Just go now, such a disease is not for me” and it was gone the next day.

- I.M. New Zealand

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