Awakening Retreat

Yuan Tze's next in-person retreat


  • April 13-21, 2024
  • Wonder Valley Ranch, California
  • Registration is open!

The 2-part documentary "Yuan Tze - The Middle Years" tell the awakening story of world-renowned Qigong master and healer Yuan Tze. It follows Yuan Tze's first steps in New Zealand where he founded REN XUE, his pathway for life cultivation.

A film by Kim Shelton

Producer: Sally Hinds
Cinematographer: Vicente Franco
Editor: Bill Weber
Sound: Richard Flynn
Yuan Tze's interpreter: Mellisa Liu
Additional footage: Matt Craven
Yuan Tze' first students: Tim Stevenson, Shane Ricketts, Christine Hosking, Vanessa Lukes, Vincent Louys, Jackie Blunt, Jay Glubb, Shona Page

Thanks to Melissa Liu, Alexander Emmerich, Trina King, Mary Bordi, Anke Sonnentag, Fraser Lau

The Middle Years documentaries are sequels to the documentary "Yuan Tze - The Early Years". You can watch this free documentary on REN XUE TV. 

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