Global Awakening Day

Celebrate with us in October


  • Be a part of something special
  • Enjoy community
  • Uplift yourself
  • Connect with Yuan Tze
Celebrate every First Sunday in October

What is Global Awakening Day?

From our hearts to yours! Every year, on the first Sunday in October, the global Ren Xue community gathers together in a very special Qifield to celebrate Ren Xue Global Awakening Day. All over the world, Ren Xue friends, teachers and practitioners find a special place to reflect and set intentions for the year to come.

Celebrate with us by joining one of the events hosted by teachers in the Americas. This day is a day for you to do something meaningful and beneficial for yourself and for others.

However you chose to celebrate this day, please take a moment to join us with your heart to dedicate your very best wishes for humanity and for the universe.

Global Awakening Day Verbal Guidance

by by Yuan Tze | Recorded by Melissa Liu

Connect with world-renowned teacher and Qigong Master Yuan Tze

This message from Yuan Tze (founder of Ren Xue) can help us understand the importance of Global Awakening Day:

"We cannot control how long it will take for humanity to fully awaken, but as individuals we can each decide for ourselves whether we want to work on ourselves and create a new reality for our own lives. We should never underestimate the impact one person can make to people around us and to the world when we have made good progress in transforming unhealthy patterns and, as a result, realization and wisdom manifest.
It all starts with awakening to the need to change, for ourselves, the future generations, all forms of life and planet earth."