Why I Practice Yuan Qigong

As Qigong becomes more and more popular in the West, it is valid to ask: “Why would I choose the Yuan Qigong system, when there are so many other credible Qigong methods available? Is Yuan Qigong really a good choice for my life cultivation? Other Qigong methods also have their roots in ancient principles and teachings, and when taught by accomplished teachers, uplift human life across many levels: the body, Qi, internal states of wellbeing, and a sense of spiritual progress. However, after many years of diving deeply into other spiritual teachings and practices, including Qigong, I now choose to practice only Yuan Qigong and its parent system, Ren Xue.

Why Yuan Qigong?

Yuan Qigong - Rooted in wisdom

Yuan Qigong is a comprehensive, coherent system of Qigong with its founder being an esteemed, authentic, teacher and wisdom cultivator.

Yuan Tze, the founder of Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue, has demonstrated his authenticity, humility, and wisdom in many contexts over more than two decades of teaching as well as while developing the non-profit Ren Xue organizations.

Prior to that, he was respected as a Qi master and healer in China, following two decades of studying with and applying the teachings of some of the greatest teachers in the field. He brings four decades of accumulated wisdom to what he offers.

He has remained consistent in his mission of offering to the 21st Century world a simple and easy-to-apply way of uplifting each person’s life, and to uplifting humanity as a whole.

Why Yuan Qigong

Highly qualified, professional Qigong teachers

Yuan Qigong is taught by a global network of highly qualified teachers who have the following important structures underpinning their teaching:

  • There are six levels of study in the teacher training program, each involving hundreds of hours of theoretical study and personal practice. There is no end to this learning, and as teachers apply the teachings, each one accepts responsibility for meeting the high standards set by the global organization and Yuan Tze, its founder.
  • Formal ongoing education for teachers is offered and encouraged.
  • Each teacher values the integrity and purity of the comprehensive wisdom cultivation system of Ren Xue and works to reflect these in their life and classes.
  • The authenticity and consistency of positive growth within the Ren Xue community is rarely found elsewhere, and its teachers are an inspiration to be around. Their humble progress year-on-year is clearly visible and attests to the system they are applying.

Ren Xue - A well-established organization with more than 20 years of experience

  • All Yuan Qigong teachers worldwide are closely overseen by a robust and well-established global organization: Ren Xue International and its affiliates. They, in turn, are supported by global philanthropic grant funders who hold the organization’s leadership accountable to high governance standards.
  • Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong are taught across the world by more than 600 qualified teachers in 31 countries and growing.
  • There is a strong global community of practitioners learning and growing together and supporting each other on this journey.
Why I practice Yuan Qigong

Is Yuan Qigong safe?

When Yuan Tze created Yuan Qigong, safety and effectiveness were two of the highest guiding principles. The Yuan Qigong teachers training program emphasizes specific safety criteria, and in addition, teachers are supported by an advisory board, comprised of highly experienced professionals in the fields of medicine, psychology, and social counseling.

All teachers have the opportunity for regular touchpoints with the founder of the system, Yuan Tze, to ensure their understanding remains grounded in the original, pure teachings and that there is coherence in moving the teacher body forward, together.

The benefits of Yuan Qigong

I love the surprising speed with which states of calmness and integration are experienced, even with the most basic movements and methods, and that there is an immediate correlation between the amount of "effort" I put in and the states of wellbeing I feel at all levels.

Although there are guiding principles, they are broad enough to allow for some degree of freedom, which deepens the level of Qi flow and states I can experience in different moments and contexts in life.

To me the ripple out effect of more naturally staying peaceful and aware, beyond Qigong practice, even during relatively challenging moments, is truly wonderful.

There are many other noticeable shifts to my overall sense of wellbeing, and my ability to stay connected to an inner wellspring of happiness is a great blessing.

As a Yuan Qigong teacher, I am filled with joy and sense of purpose when supporting others in enhancing their health and other aspects of their lives – which speaks to how service to others is service to oneself. This follows the Ren Xue motto of Zi Du, Du Ren (Uplift oneself, Uplift others).

The least easily quantified, yet very real benefit is the experience of a greater sense of harmony in all relationships - with myself, others and the whole world – which speaks to a stabilizing inner set of conditions for the presence of the True Self. This is in keeping with the goal of Yuan Qigong, which is the complete realization of the True Self.

So, as a teacher and relatively experienced practitioner, I would say that Yuan Qigong is an effective and reliable Qigong system with profound internal transformations possible. My life is clearly better for continuing the process of integrating the practices, theories and principles of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong.

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