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Do you play an instrument or practice sports? Sometimes in these activities, you might feel like your body is performing by itself, perfectly directed by your intent without the interference of your conscious mind. You’re no longer thinking about how to move your fingers or your legs, yet they move - and very well!

These moments are a small taste of the feeling of Qi flowing in the body as you practice Moving Qi (Ren Yuan). When this method is fully mastered, the method’s fluid movements follow one after another, accompanied by a calm and clear mind and a light and lively awareness, but no conscious direction. It is a lovely feeling.

The course consists of three sessions: an introduction to the method, a second session on mastering the physical movements, and finally an explanation of how to integrate Xin Fa or the internal method into the practice.


"I've never stretched so much in all my years of teaching yoga."  K.A. Ohio, USA

"Ren Yuan is really awesome. I am so glad I learned this method because it's helping me pay attention to my state and it's reminding me to relax the tension I usually feel in my body." S.F. Quebec, Canada