Global Awakening Day 2023

Host your own event on October 1st


  • Be a part of something special
  • Enjoy community
  • Uplift yourself
  • Connect with Yuan Tze
Be Part of Global Awakening Day 2023

Host a Global Awakening Day event with our Support!

Join the Global Awakening Day 2023 event on October 1st. Be a part of this special day and connect with Yuan Tze and the community. Every year, on the first Sunday in October, the Ren Xue community gathers together in a very special Qifield to celebrate Global Awakening Day.  All over the world, Ren Xue friends and practitioners find a special place to reflect and set intentions for the year to come.

We invite you to host your own event with our support. Your event could be in person or online. It could be a hike, a Qigong practice, a special Qi healing, a discussion group, reach out to a friend and co-host an event, or simply connect to the Global Awakening Day Qifield during your regular weekend REN XUE classes. However you chose to celebrate Global Awakening Day, please take a moment to join us with your heart to dedicate your very best wishes for humanity and for the universe.

Please share your event details in the form below. Soon afterwards we will post your event on the RXA Global Awakening Day webpage and promote these events through our newsletter and social media sites to share how everyone can celebrate Global Awakening Day in the Americas. Let's make Global Awakening Day a special day in harmony, peace and friendship!

  • Being a part of Global Awakening Day events in the Americas can bring visibility to your website and the classes that you offer.
  • If you have a website, share with people how they can join your mailing list.
  • Feature your event on your website and on your social media channels.
  • Use this opportunity to invite interested friends to your event.
  • Take pictures of your event to share with us and we'll mention the events again afterwards.
  • Join the RXA hosted Global Awakening Day teacher Whatsapp group to share event ideas and support with teachers in the Americas.
  • If you have questions about RXA's support for hosting a Global Awakening Day in the Americas, please reach out to Tracey Bigelow,
  • Thank you for celebrating with us!