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Learn Method 3 - Moving Qi

  • Qi flowing freely
  • Balancing the body
  • Moving Qi in the channels
  • Energize your body
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Yuan Qigong Online Course: Ren Yuan - Moving Qi

Do you play music or practice sports? Sometimes while involved in these activities, you might feel like your body is performing by itself - perfectly directed by your intent and experience without the interference of your conscious mind. You’re no longer thinking about how exactly to move your fingers or legs, and yet they move, sometimes very well!

These moments can be likened to the feeling of Qi flowing freely in the body while practicing Moving Qi (Ren Yuan). When this method is practiced well, the fluid movements follow one after another, accompanied by a calm, clear mind and a light, lively awareness. The method is composed of multiple segments which are intended to work on the deepest parts of the body, opening the channels and improving Qi flow in all areas. A truly wonderful feeling and many benefits can be experienced.

The course consists of three sessions: An introduction to the method, a session to learn the physical movements, and an explanation on how to integrate Xin Fa (the mind method) into the practice.



  • 93 min video guidance and practice (downloadable)
  • 2 hours audio guidance and practice (downloadable)
  • 2 audios for your practice
  • Graphs and diagrams with detailed explanations
  • Written preparations and detailed instructions for the movement and mind activity
  • Lifetime access to course materials
  • Add an optional one-hour individual session with a teacher
FEATURES and Benefits

Ren Yuan - Moving Qi

Ren Yuan practice yields powerful positive changes on the body and mind, which in turn affects the whole of life. The following benefits are often experienced by practitioners through regular practice in a relatively short amount of time:

  • Opening of the channels in the body and promoting the flow of Qi in these channels
  • Work on the physical level, including the skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, bones and all of the organs
  • Deep changes on Qi directly in these physical parts and structures
  • Helping prevention of illness and improvement of overall health
  • A decrease in symptoms and more ease in managing any health challenges
  • A brighter outlook on life, more vitality and energy, and an increased sense of wellbeing 
How to start qigong

Course Description: Ren Yuan - Moving Qi

SESSION 1: Getting started

Topic 1: About Moving Qi - Details about all aspects of the method
Topic 2: Useful Vocabulary - Glossary of specific terms used
Topic 3: Preparation for Moving Qi - How to prepare body and mind
Topic 4: Instructional Video - To get familiar with the movements
Topic 5: Features & Benefits - How this method can change your life

SESSION 2: The Practice of Moving Qi
  • Topic 1: The Six Verses - Mind preparation for the practice
  • Topic 2: Practice Video - To help you get started
  • Topic 3: Detailed Explanation of the Movements - For deeper understanding
  • Topic 4: 45 min Audio Practice Guide - Your first real practice 
SESSION 3: The Essence of Moving Qi
  • Topic 1: Understanding Qi on a Deeper Level - The 'building block' of the universe
  • Topic 2: Taking Unification Deeper - Feeling unified and harmonious
  • Topic 3: How to Make Good Progress - Additional tips and support
  • Topic 4: 69 min Audio Practice - For a full, longer practice

Yuan Qigong has changed the lives of people all over the world

Fraser, New Zealand

Kelly, United States

Anke, Germany

Developed by world-renowned Qigong Master Yuan Tze

  • Served as member of the Chinese Qigong Science Research Association
  • World-renowned healer and teacher
  • Founder of Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong
Learning tailored to your individual needs

Method 3 - Ren Yuan is available in the following formats

Moving Qi

Single course

Method 3: Ren Yuan

US$ 66.00

Moving Qi

With individual teacher session

Method 3: Ren Yuan

US$ 106.00

Intermediate Set

Vitality & Balance Set

Method 3 & 4

US$ 107.00

Intermediate Set

Give this set as a gift

Method 3 & 4

US$ 107.00

How can we help?
If you have any unanswered questions, please reach out to our course registrar Tracey, at
What should I do if I already have Di Yuan (2nd method) and I want to buy the Beginner Set?

You can simply buy Tian Yuan (1st method), which will give you the complete Beginner Set. There is no additional material if you buy the Beginner Set.

What audios are included?

If you buy the first method, Tian Yuan, you will have three different and downloadable audios:

  • Audio No.01 Tian Yuan (22 minutes)
  • Audio No.09 Tian Yuan without music (39 minutes)
  • Audio No.10 Tian Yuan with music (39 minutes)
What does the individual teacher session option mean when purchasing an online Yuan Qigong course?

The individual teacher session is intended to further support your learning of Yuan Qigong and Ren Xue. The Zoom session lasts one hour, and you have 60 days from your registration date to sign up for it. You may want to schedule your session right away, or you can wait until you have digested the course materials and have specific questions. The focus for the session is up to you; it could be about the method, about Ren Xue and Yuan Qigong, or about Qi and how Qigong helps to enhance the wellbeing of the body, Qi, mind and heart.

The sessions also serve as an introduction to teachers. After the session you are welcome to continue learning from the teacher directly in one-on-one sessions or through their classes.

How are the courses accessed? How does it work after purchase?

The Yuan Qigong courses we offer are all online. This means that when you register, you will have a personal Yuan Qigong course Library which can be accessed by logging into your account through the RXA website.  The courses in your library will include videos, practice audios and written instructions. The videos and audios can be streamed from your web browser, or you can download them onto your computer.

Can I practice the moving methods sitting or lying down due to health issues?

A wonderful feature of the Yuan Qigong system is its flexibility. There are many ways to modify and adapt each method to your individual needs. Most methods can be practiced sitting down if standing is not an option for you, and some can be practiced lying down. For more information on specific modifications, it may be useful to contact and speak with a certified Yuan Qigong teacher. The teacher directory is accessible through the Community section at the top of this website.

Can I make my practices shorter or longer depending on the time I have?

Absolutely. You may only have 5 or 10 minutes to practice a method during a busy day, and it is definitely still beneficial to do a shorter practice rather than none at all. Once you have learned the method(s) well and feel more comfortable with the preparation (body/mind) process, you may decide to do a short practice by yourself without the usual audio support. Some days you may have a few hours to practice. In this case, exploring each method further and combining various methods would be a wonderful way to discover and develop your potential. Give yourself confidence to explore Yuan Qigong, be creative, and make the most out of it!                

Do I need to learn the methods in order or can I choose to learn more advanced methods first?

The Yuan Qigong system was created as a pyramid with 3 stages. Starting at the bottom with the external transformation stage (this includes the first 3 methods), then the internal transformation stage (includes the next 3 methods), and finally the Xin (Heart) and Shen (True Nature) transformation stage (includes the last 3 methods). Considering this pyramid, it may make sense to follow the order, although strict adherence to it may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to be flexible in your learning and let yourself explore various methods if you feel particularly called to them. Each method is essential for development and growth on all levels of life. Feel free to contact a certified Yuan Qigong teacher for more information on this topic. The teacher directory is accessible through the Community section at the top of this website.

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