During this week’s practice you’ll learn the movements that will allow you to gather in a large amount of Qi effectively and efficiently.

  1. This method facilitates the comprehensive exchange of Qi and information between the practitioner and the universe. A large amount of Qi can be gathered effectively and efficiently.
  2. The coordinated use of the mind with the physical movements can benefit both the mind and the body and promote the unification of Jing (the body), Qi and Shen (mind) on a deep level.
  3. This method can effectively open Qi gates in the body, for example, in the shoulder and neck area. Most adults have blockages there because of stress. Tension in this area not only affects physical health but can also have a negative impact on mental wellbeing.
  4. Although Tian Yuan (Gathering Energy) is the introductory practice for the entire system, it is designed to create profound effects on Qi by:
    – Improving the Qi condition of the whole body
    – Improving Sanjiao and organs directly and indirectly
    – Beginning to open channels and promote the flow of channel Qi in the whole body
    – Beginning to improve the clarity and sensitivity of Shen (mind) which helps lay the foundation for the future development of special abilities.
  5. The length of the practice can vary according to different needs or intended effects. The practice of this method can also be varied to create effects of different depths. Sustained practice of Gathering Energy (Tian Yuan) can improve health and transform various health problems. It is also a way to build the foundation for improving one’s Qigong level.