The power of Yuan Gong methods comes from coordinating the use of the mind with the physical movements.

To make good progress, it is important to do the movements properly. After you have learned and practiced Gathering Energy, take the time to go back to the instructional video for a review. This refresher can help with details you may have forgotten or overlooked.

Ask a teacher to check your form. You can arrange a session with a qualified teacher through the REN XUE website.

Take time with the opening and closing. Care in building the Qifield at the beginning of your practice can pay off in terms of overall benefits. Also, at the end of the practice, be sure to take time to harvest the Qi you have gathered. You can do this by sitting quietly for a few moments with your hands placed on your lower belly.

Do the mind activities properly. Remember that Qi follows mind.

Be flexible with your practice and practice to your own condition. Practice with joy and don’t overdo.

Find and safeguard a good internal state before and throughout your practice. In terms of importance in Gathering Energy: the form is 10%, the mind activity is 30% and your state is 60%.


  1. Mind Calm and Shen Bright, Free and Vibrant
    Lightly imagine you are a giant bird, soaring freely in the universe in a most lively and natural state.
  2. Opening Big and Closing Big, Qi and Mind Connected and Both Flowing without Interruption
    When the movements and especially the consciousness are opening out, send the consciousness out and fill the infinite void of the universe. Visualize the refined, pure and original Qi everywhere in the universe and connect with this Qi. When the movements and especially the consciousness are drawing in, focus on the deepest place in the body. Imagine the body is an empty space and is transparent. Try to feel where the deepest place is in the body. Visualize the healthy, normal, bright state inside and notice the change of Qi there.
  3. The Whole Body Moving as One, Flowing like Worms and Snakes in a Circular and Rounded Way
    The movements in this method are simple and distinct. When doing the movements, the whole body should move as one. The upper body and lower body are moving in harmony. The upward movements and downward movements are working together, as are the forward and backward movements. The root of the movements of the upper limbs is the feet, the axis the waist. Shoulders lead the elbows, wrists, palms and fingers, all in circular movements like worms and snakes. 

  4. Moving Like Flowing Clouds and Drifting Water
    The postures and movements should be as unrestricted and as relaxed as possible to express a sense of freedom, serenity and total presence. and a feeling of being completely comfortable with oneself. Floating clouds and flowing water move smoothly and steadily without disruption.